Three reasons to forward order your new Case IH tractor or combine

11 Aug 2016

Farmers tailor their enterprises to suit their land, climate and business knowledge. In the same vein, it also makes sense to tailor your equipment to suit both your enterprises and own personal preferences by forward ordering.

Forward ordering your tractor or combine has many benefits. Here are the top three from Pete McCann, Marketing Manager for Case IH Australia and New Zealand:

1) Choose the right features for you

Forward ordering lets you choose the features you have — or don’t have — on your equipment.

“Some of the most popular features people choose are: PTO, LED lighting, increased flexion tyres, a suspended MFD axle, AFS Complete, CVT transmission, an engine compression brake and six remotes,” Pete says. “You also have the ability to add the latest technologies, such as Case IH’s on-combine grain analyser released just this year, which allows farmers and contractors to monitor cereal grain protein and oilseed oil percentage, in real time, while harvesting. Of course, you can also choose whether to have tracks, tyres or both.”

It is far more cost effective to add specifications at the factory rather than after the equipment arrives in Australia. “This also means you only pay for what they want, rather than paying extra for features you don’t need.”

​"Forward ordering gives you an added ability to plan for the future.” - Pete McCann, Marketing Manager for Case IH Australia and New Zealand

​2) Lock in your price and finance rate

“This means you won’t be affected by any price changes; orders are locked in at today’s prices, ensuring our Case IH customers still get the best deal,” Pete says.

Adding to this great deal in 2016 are the finance offers available to Case IH customers from CNH Industrial Capital. “The annual interest rate to approved business applicants is just 2.35% for tractors and an even lower 1.5% for combines,” Pete says. “Terms and conditions apply of course, so people should talk to their Case IH dealer about a finance package that suits their budget and repayment preferences.

“Planning your cash flow and capital expenditure for the next 12-24 months is important, so it’s also worthwhile to talk with your dealer about timing your purchase so the first repayment falls when you sell your grain, for instance. Your dealer is part of your farming team and this is just another way they can work with you.”

3) Plan for the future

Pete says, “Because forward ordering allows you to really tailor what you want on your equipment, it’s a fantastic opportunity to cast ahead and think about what will your business look like in say five years? How will your enterprises develop? And what does your equipment need to have or be able to do to achieve that? Forward ordering gives you an added ability to plan for the future.”

When you know what your repayments will be at the time you order your machine, you can forward plan your cash flow. Understanding your payments means you are less likely to be caught out with a payment outside your normal income cycle. CNH Industrial Capital can assist in any seasonal or cyclical repayment structures that you may need and tailor your solution to suit individual circumstances.

For excellent value and top savings, place your forward order by 31st October 2016 for Case IH Magnum, Steiger, Quadtrac and Rowtrac tractors, and 1st March 2017 for Case IH combines.

Case IH customers also receive the REDCover Plus Protection Plan of three years or 3000 hours for tractors and two years or 2000 hours for combines, making sure you get the warranty and support you deserve.

Talk to your Case IH dealer today for the best deal on equipment built to your own unique specifications.

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