CIAME visitors get a glimpse of the new Optum CVX - a masterpiece on the horizon

31 Oct 2019

Visitors to the 2019 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (CIAME) in Qingdao have been treated to a special pre-launch exhibition of the new Case IH Optum CVX Series tractors, before the new models become available in China.

Case IH has always been committed to meeting the diverse needs of agricultural users. As more Chinese farmers demand higher horsepower tractors with premium features, Optum CVX Series tractors will rise to the challenge.

The new design and distinctive lighting package will deliver optimum performance and efficiency, even during night shifts, allowing farmers to extract maximum productivity from every working day.

The Optum CVX 3004 tractor, rated at 300HP, is powered by an FPT engine that anticipates the next China emission standards. As well as heavy-duty performance, the Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT), which Case IH calls "CVX", provides a more intuitive driving experience.

The CVX transmission automatically adjusts the transmission ratio according to the load change, within the range of 0-40 km/h. The Automatic Productivity Management system (APM) minimises fuel consumption, and the computer automatically adjusts the corresponding engine speed according to the current load. Fuel consumption is further reduced by using Economy (ECO) mode for driving.

Michele Monzio says; "Optum CVX tractors use the latest systems to ensure maximum traction in the field, efficient handling and better road transport braking to meet the needs of farm implements for different tasks such as tillage, seedbed preparation, sowing and harvesting."

"Optum CVX Series tractors are easy to operate, safe and comfortable, and signal a new era in the tractor driving experience," Michele Monzio said.

The date of release for the new Optum CVX Series tractors in China is still to be announced, however it is certain that this exciting new model will be a welcome addition to the Case IH agricultural machinery line-up.