Case IH Puma® 2254 tractor wins Technology Innovation Award 2017 at China’s Agricultural Machinery TOP50+ Awards

06 Jul 2018

​Case IH’s Puma 2254 tractor won a Technology Innovation Award at China’s TOP50+ Agricultural Machinery Products of the Year Awards. This honour recognises how the exceptional performance, economy, and low operating costs of the Puma 2254 are made possible by state-of-the-art technologies including a stepless gearbox.

Winners of the Technology Innovation, Application Contribution, and Market Leading Awards were announced at a ceremony in Beijing on July 6th.This was held in conjunction with the agricultural machinery industry’s sixth annual High-End Forum. These events were organised by the China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (CAAMM), the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery (CSAM), and Farm Machinery magazine. Many leading figures from China’s agricultural industry, including researchers and scientific advisors, attended the events.

Michele Monzio, Case IH China Product Marketing Manager, commented: “The Puma 2254 tractor’s continuously variable transmission is the highest-technology gearbox used by a tractor. This improves working efficiency at the same time as making the job easier for the driver. We are proud that these real-world technical advantages have won the Technology Innovation Award.”

Puma’s stepless gearbox is the best available

Continuously variable transmission (CVT), also known as a stepless gearbox, helps the Puma 2254 achieve cost-effective operation in all farming applications by delivering best-in-class fuel efficiency and productivity. Another benefit is the supreme driving comfort: the driver simply has to set the speed with the travel pedal or the multicontroller lever and the tractor’s Automatic Production Management (APM) system will look after everything else.

Outstanding fuel economy is also enhanced by the 6.7-litre engine’s common rail diesel technology, with electronic fuel management, turbocharging, and an intercooler. Maximum torque is produced at engine speeds as low as 1400 rpm in draft application and 1600 rpm in PTO and road transport applications. There is a constant power range of up to 600 rpm so that work rates can be maintained with lower engine speed, less noise and more efficiency. Maximum power is generated at 1800 to 2000 rpm and the power boost function can increase maximum output from 225 to 251 horsepower.

Four-wheel-drive and differential lock management is provided on all Puma models. With controls to switch between manual and automatic modes, the operator is able to harness true traction with both mounted and trailed equipment. The Puma can be used for heavy-duty operations, such as deep pine and soil preparation, as well as light-load operations such as sowing, cultivating and spraying.

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