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Case IH Puma Wins China Agricultural Machinery Annual TOP50+ Gold Award

09 Oct 2020

The 8th China Agricultural Machinery High-end Forum 2020, hosted by Agricultural Machinery Magazine, was held in Beijing on September 27.

Case IH Puma™ Series tractors were awarded the 2019 China Agricultural Machinery Annual TOP50+ Application Contribution Gold Award at an awards ceremony held at the same time as the forum.

The theme of the forum was "Education of new machines, new developments, new challenges and opportunities for China's agricultural machinery". Industry experts, scholars, and leaders of well-known enterprises were invited to discuss the topic.

Well-known industry experts analyzed the application of agricultural machinery, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent agricultural equipment, and released the 2019 agricultural machinery annual product impact report. From multiple perspectives, the report summarized the development of the industry, analyzed and predicted future industrial, economic and technological development trends.

Case IH Puma Series tractors have the highest market share for their horsepower category in the Chinese market. Since launching the Series in China more than 10 years ago, the Puma has been recognized by a large number of users for its versatility and reliability in the field.

Puma Series tractors are specially designed for medium and large farming operations, with the size and power of the machines catering to the different needs of cultivating and pasture operations.

The Puma 2304 performs well in heavy operations, such as plowing and deep loosening; while the Puma 2254 CVT is a great solution for customers requiring greater versatility in their operating speed, with intelligent fuel management ensuring the best use of every drop of fuel.

Since launching the Series in China more than 10 years ago, the Puma has been recognized by a large number of users for its versatility and reliability in the field.

The technologically advanced Puma can handle a variety of light and heavy load operations.

The highly efficient FPT NEF series engine, such as in the Puma 2304, provides power with low fuel consumption, and features a full powershift gearbox which can fully realize non-stop gear shifting under various operating conditions. In models such as the Puma 2254 CVT, the CVT (continuously variable transmission) provides the best fuel economy during varying work/driving speeds as the computer module automatically responds to changes in the load, meaning that the driver's full energy is placed on the task at hand, without needing to pay attention to the gear selection.

The rear linkage system has a powerful lifting capacity, making it even more adaptable. The comfortable and spacious cab, with its 360-degree view, provides users with a comfortable working environment, reduces fatigue, and improves work efficiency. With the Multicontroller Armrest, the tractor can be driven and controlled very intuitively, using one hand.

For the first time in 2020, the TOP50+ selection included a new award: the 2019 China Agricultural Machinery Annual TOP50+ Excellent Management Team Award, which was awarded to the Commercial Business Team from CNH Industrial (Case New Holland (China) Management Co., Ltd), in recognition of the team’s advanced management practices, efficient operation and high-quality results, providing customers with more timely and professional services and support.