Case IH presents updated Axial-Flow 150 Series combines in Russia

10 Apr 2020

​Case IH Axial-Flow 6150 combines, having engines with maximum power of 409 hp, are designed for best versatility and flexibility when harvesting any crop. All engineering solutions used in these machines are focused on delivering high reliability combined with unmatched threshing and cleaning quality. In order to ensure high harvesting speed in unpredictable weather conditions, Case IH Axial‑Flow 150 Series combines have an optional engine power boost system allowing the grain tank to be unloaded faster.

Two-Speed Electric Shift Transmission
The updated combines feature simpler transmission control and a wider speed range. A differential lock that is electrically actuated and hydraulically engaged enables the new machines to deliver outstanding field performance. During harvesting, you can smoothly switch between high- and low‑speed ranges due to special electric motors used in the transmission. Combined with increased engine power and wider tires, it helps maximize the combine’s productivity in even the most adverse field conditions. Second gear is used for road travel to improve fuel savings and increase traveling speed.​

​New versatile Case IH Axial-Flow 150 Series combines deliver superior harvesting performance and exceptional grain quality.​

A Unique Threshing and Cleaning System
A hallmark of Axial-Flow combines for many years, the patented single-rotor technology has been continuously refined by Case IH engineers. The AFX rotor can be set into many configurations, adapting to both crop and threshing conditions with the use of straight bars, spiked rasp bars, and helical kickers. Adjustable rotor cage vanes ensure even more efficient adaptation and grain loss minimization. The new Case IH Axial-Flow 150 Series achieves greater throughput due to the optimized concave wrap angle. While all Case IH combines come with a 762mm diameter rotor, the Axial‑Flow 150 Series uses 156 degrees of concave wrap, which is the best figure in the class.

The Cross Flow fan is driven by a belt variator with a speed of up 1300 rpm to supply an air flow of maximum density for higher cleaning capacity. The updated Axial-Flow 150 Series combines equipped with the Cross Flow system have the segment-leading (for class V–VII combines) cleaning sieve area of 5.5 m2 to deliver 20% greater productivity.

Modern Combines for Modern Conditions
​​In the challenging conditions of 2020, the farming industry will need maximum productivity. Reliable and efficient, Case IH agricultural machinery is the best solution for achieving top results. New versatile Case IH Axial-Flow 150 Series combines deliver superior harvesting performance and exceptional grain quality. Thanks to the transmission and chassis improvements, these machines can be safely used on any field, making farmers less dependent on weather conditions. They will enable Russian farmers to complete the harvesting season efficiently and quickly and obtain top-quality crops.