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Case IH signs partnership agreement with Agriculture Bureau of Guangxi

01 Jan 2018

​Case IH, a global agricultural equipment leader, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Agriculture Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to help increase the mechanisation of sugarcane harvesting. By supplying harvesters that meet local needs and conditions, Case IH will contribute to the five-year plan, recently announced by the China Sugar Association, to increase the proportion of sugarcane harvested mechanically in the nation from 4% to 20%.

This new partnership was made public at 2017 edition of the China Sugarcane Mechanisation Expo in Lainin, Guangxi, last December. At the three-day event, which attracted participation from more than 140 domestic and overseas enterprises, Case IH showcased the most proven line of harvesters available: the Austoft® 8000 Series and the Austoft® 4000 Series.

The Austoft 8000 Series are the most proven line of harvesters available in the market, ideally suited for the most demanding productivity and performance needs. Designed to harvest fields with single rows with a 1.5-metre spacing or double rows at a maximum spacing of 60cm, the 8000 is well-suited to large-scale operations on state-owned farms. It is capable in ideal conditions of harvesting up to 100 tonnes per hour.

Also available in China is the compact and light-weight Austoft 4000 model, designed to streamline the harvesting process in sugarcane fields with reduced row spacing of 0.9- to 1.2-metres. The A4000 is perfect for sugarcane plantations on small and medium farms and its smaller size makes it easier to move between cane fields.

As a global brand with over 50 years' experience in the sugarcane industry, Case IH is recognised for its expertise in providing efficient sugarcane harvesting solutions.

 The China Sugarcane Mechanisation Expo was first held in 2016, with support from national and local government. As China's largest high-level exhibition for agricultural machinery, the event has quickly become an important platform for promoting research and development in sugarcane machinery and technology, accelerating sugarcane harvesting mechanisation in the country.

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