Case IH unveils the new Magnum™ 3404 tractor at the Inner Mongolia International Animal Husbandry Machinery Expo 2018

09 Jul 2018

​Case IH has unveiled the Magnum™ 3404, a new high-power tractor created specifically for the Chinese market, at the Inner Mongolia International Animal Husbandry Machinery Expo 2018. The global gricultural equipment leader's product launch was a highlight of the three-day event at Chifeng International Convention and Exhibition Center on July 7th to 9th, which also featured the 2018 China Modern Animal Husbandry Machinery Development Summit Forum.

The new Magnum 3404 tractor

Since 1987, Magnum Series tractors have evolved to become the first choice of large-scale farmers and contractors who demand the best. They have built a legacy for exceptional performance, reliability and durability, with ground-breaking pulling power and the highest horsepower in their class. The latest addition to this highly-regarded Series, the Case IH Magnum 3404, is designed to meet the requirements of large-scale farming operations in China and is capable of powering through heavy-duty field applications with the highest efficiency.

The Magnum 3404 features a new 8.7-litre turbocharged common-rail engine developed by FPT Industrial with a rated power output of 340 hp and peak power, with power boost, of 409 hp. With this high power complemented by a generous torque reserve, and with high-level front and rear axles, the new Magnum is ideally suited to heavy-duty field operations such as tumbling, deep loosening, and combined land preparation. Its PTO power is up to 285 hp and lifting force is 10,022 kg.

The new Magnum model bristles with advanced operating functions such as Constant Engine Speed, Engine Power Management, Automatic Productivity Management and Headland Management Control, which take productivity and efficiency to a new level. It can also be equipped with autoguidance steering for fully automated precision farming with on-the-move data mapping.

Other high-horsepower tractors displayed

A number of other Case IH tractors were exhibited at the Expo, including the Puma® 2104 and Puma® 2304 models. These belong to a series of 'universal' tractors that are truly versatile, with body style and power variable across the range to meet the different needs of cultivating and pasture operations. The Puma Series' FPT Industrial high-pressure common rail diesel engines provide high torque and power, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

For good traction on even the most challenging terrain, four-wheel-drive and differential lock management is provided on all Puma models. There are controls to switch between manual and automatic modes, enabling the operator to harness true traction with both mounted and trailed equipment. This means the Puma can be used for heavy-duty operations, such as deep pine and soil preparation, as well as light-load operations such as sowing, cultivating and spraying. Pumas are especially popular models for joint land preparation and ploughing in China's Northeast and Northwest regions.

Forum and Expo well attended

The sixth edition of the annual China Modern Animal Husbandry Machinery Development Summit Forum shared expertise on husbandry-related matters, such as planting, breeding, ecological recycling, straw resource utilization, and the development of ecological agriculture. The sixth edition of the International Animal Husbandry Machinery Expo displayed mechanized solutions which can help realise the experts' latest thinking on best-practice farming techniques. Both Conference and Expo drew a big audience comprised of industry experts, entrepreneurs and academic researchers.

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