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​Case IH has won the 11th National Agricultural Machinery Consumer Satisfying Brand Award in China

10 Mar 2019

​On March 9th, the 2019 National Agricultural Machinery and Parts Exhibition, which aims to showcase new products and technologies of the agricultural machinery industry, was held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Henan Province, China.

During the exhibition, the Case IH tractor range and Axial-Flow Series combine harvesters were presented with the 11th National Agricultural Machinery Consumer Satisfying Brand Award.

The Award was established nearly 20 years ago by Agricultural Machinery magazine. It has become a large-scale industry brand selection activity, supported by professional associations and many media. By reviewing and recommending high quality agricultural machinery, farmers and machinery operators are able to highlight popular products and contribute to accelerating the technological progress and fast development of the industry.

Case IH Maxxum Series tractors are rated at 140 hp and equipped with FPT engines designed for agricultural machinery. The power reversing handle allows drivers to switch direction without using the clutch. The exclusive 4 speed Semi-Powershift Transmission with 2 gears electro-hydraulic shifted allows to smoothly switch gears over each of the 4 step powershift ranges simply by pushing a button while to move from the lowest to the highest speed ranges, a simple lever on the right hand side is used. High-performance hydraulic and suspension systems deliver superior lifting capacity and can be used with a wide range of tools to meet a wide range of hydraulic output operations. The 4-column cab, oversized glass area and streamlined hood design ensure a full range of visibility. The advanced and comfortable cab provides the driver with a quiet and comfortable driving environment, reducing work fatigue and achieving long-term efficient operation.

The Case IH Puma Series offers users an excellent power range from 165 hp to 230 hp. A wide choice of models with different dimensions and engine horsepower  can be adapted to the different needs of cultivating and pasture operations. It is a truly versatile and efficient "universal tractor". It is suitable for heavy-duty operations such as deep-slipping, plowing, and joint preparation, as well as light-duty operations such as sowing, cultivating, and spraying. Its excellent power-to-weight ratio can provide the best power for users and maximize their operations. Efficiency, improve user return on investment. With its high efficiency and strong power, the Case IH Puma Series tractors have become the main models for joint land preparation and ploughing in the northeast and northwest regions of China.

 The Case IH Magnum Series offers 265 hp to 340 hp for Chinese users, with three models to choose from. Since Case IH first launched the Magnum Series for more than 30 years ago, Magnum tractors have become known for offering the industry's best driver comfort, the most power and the best fuel economy. Drivers enjoy the comfortable and advanced cab and easy handling.

The Case IH Steiger Series provides the most powerful power support for efficient operation. Case IH currently offers Chinese customers 470 hp to 500 hp Steiger models that meet the national Tier III emission standard, with wheeled and tracked options available to give users more choices.

The Axial-Flow® 4000 Series combines have been designed to suit the specific needs of Chinese farmers, contrary to most locally produced combines that are dedicated to a single crop. By changing different header operations, Axial-Flow combines can adapt to a variety of crops with high versatility and wide adaptability: not only suitable for corn, but for soybeans, rice and wheat. Case IH Axial-Flow 4000 combines can be fitted with the locally-produced high capacity 2060 Series grain header. The maximum width is 6.1m which is the widest rigid header produced in China. Axial-Flow combines can also be fitted with 5500 Series corn headers; with the larger headers available with optional stalk choppers. In addition, 3.6m pick-up headers for windrowed crops such as rapeseed and wheat, and 6m flex auger headers for soy beans are also available for the new Axial-Flow® 4000 Series.