Eleven new Case IH Axial-Flow 6140 combines supported the harvesting campaign in Amur Region

01 Nov 2019

​At the beginning of this autumn, eight Case IH Axial-Flow 6140 combines were delivered to Amur-Agrocomplex LLC and three units to and Amurskaya Company. A team from Case IH arranged intensive operating training for the customers.

Because of their mechanical simplicity, Case IH Axial-Flow single-rotor harvesters, with the industry's fewest moving parts, guarantee maximum reliability and high harvesting capacity.

Since the introduction of the first Axial-Flow combine in 1977, Case IH has done a lot to refine and improve its performance but the core design principles are still important today.

The transition cone is one key element of Axial-Flow technology. Due to its simple geometry, it accelerates crop from the feed elevator to the rotor. The single rotor provides threshing along with centrifugal force separation. Careful and accurate grain on grain threshing is a distinctive feature of Axial-Flow design. The entire system is designed to reduce grain damage from feeding to cleaning. Farmers harvesting large areas and different types of crop will appreciate crop versatility, grain quality and savings that Axial‑Flow harvesters can offer.

​Customers received detailed training in efficient operation to ensure the combines are used to their full potential during the first harvesting. The first theoretical part of the training for operators took two days and was conducted at Russkoye Polye Company Dealer Centre, Сase IH official dealer in the Amur Region. As soon as weather conditions allowed, Case IH technical specialists started practical training with customers in the fields to show operators in real life how to maximize the efficiency of the machines.

The Case IH Axial-Flow 6140 combines demonstrated high performance in soy harvesting. They proved themselves from the very beginning thanks to their unique single-rotor threshing and separation system. Along with the combine harvesters, Amur‑Agrocomplex purchased Case IH 3020 headers with a flexible cutterbar. They perfectly followed the profile of the land, which is especially important when harvesting beans and soy in particular. Farmers also appreciate the versatility of these headers as the cutting table can be quickly switched to rigid mode which enables the flotation system to read height sensors, which is necessary when switching to grain harvesting.

The Axial-Flow product evolution continues with the new Axial-Flow 150 Series to be available in 2020.