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International Women's Day 2020

08 Mar 2020

​In 1948, at age 18, Liang Jun enrolled in a tractor driving course in north eastern China. She was the only woman in the class of 70 students. Despite this, she was confident and proud of her abilities and went on to inspire other Chinese women to take up tractor driving. She attended the Asian Women's Congress held in Beijing in late 1949, and in 1950 was received by Chairman Mao. In the same year, Liang was made Captain of the first Chinese women’s tractor team. Famously, an image of Liang Jun driving a tractor appeared on the one yuan banknote from 1962.

Eventually Liang Jun became a politician and engineer, with her incredible career coming to an end when she retired from her position as Chief Engineer of the Harbin Municipal Bureau of Agricultural Mechanization in 1990.

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Liang Jun was celebrated as a perfect example of how a working class woman from a poor background could elevate her status in society by being a ‘model worker’. She broke down class barriers and was a pioneer for women in the Chinese agricultural machinery industry.

Liang Jun passed away on 14th January 2020, aged 89 years. On International Women's Day, we recognize Liang's contribution to our industry.