New Case IH Nutri-Placer 930 advances fertilizer application for Russian farmers

03 Jun 2020

​The new Case IH Nutri-Placer® 930 is now available to farmers in Russia, enabling them to apply liquid fertilizer carefully and quickly, improving the productivity of every pass. Built to the standard of professional producers and commercial applicators, the Nutri-Placer is made for high-speed, minimal soil disturbance and precise nutrient management so you can cover more hectares in a day.

​The Case IH Nutri-Placer 930 is made for high-speed, minimal soil disturbance and precise nutrient management.

The Case IH Nutri-Placer 930 pull-type implement is available in working widths of 8.4, 9.9, 11.4, 13 or 14.6 m, and with two different row spacing configurations of 50.8 cm and 76.2 cm. The high clearance toolbar allows work in high crop residues to ensure the correct fertilization timing regardless of the soil condition. With three frame sections, the Nutri-Placer 930 easily follows the ground contour and can be used with tractors from 220 to 500 hp.

​A fundamentally new hook-up mechanism gives a simple and firm connection which is properly dimensioned to withstand working speeds of up to 18 km/h.

Five different configurations of ground engaging tools are available, able to meet farmers’ needs for all soil conditions. The High Speed Low Disturbance (HSLD) coulter, in particular, provides better residue cover and a more level surface finish than other coulter-style applicators. The HSLD coulter is capable of speeds up to 18 km/h and places nutrients up to 16 cm deep in the root zone, right where crops need it most.

The Nutri-Placer 930 has a constant level rear hitch capable of pulling a tank trailer up to 11,340 kg, required to connect the pull type NH3 tank supplied by third-party fertilizer companies.