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Case IH, a key partner for the South East Asian Sugarcane Industry

03 Apr 2017

“Sugarcane growers face some of the most difficult challenges in nurturing crops, from establishment through to harvest,” says Mark Brinn, CNH Industrial Managing Director SEA, Japan & Pakistan. “These challenges extend from tough ground conditions at both ends of the season to big yields and lengthy harvest periods, not to mention the constant pressure to keep the sugar mills supplied with the quality and the quantity they expect.”

Case IH has a good understanding of what it takes to meet these challenges, thanks to its over 50 years’ experience in the sugarcane industry. The brand has a rich history that dates back 175 years when founder Jerome Increase Case created a revolutionary threshing machine to speed up the separation of grain after harvest in 1842. Today Case IH produces a wide range of agricultural equipment which is used globally, and has an increasing presence in South East Asia.  

Sugarcane production in South East Asia has risen steadily, to keep pace with demand, to about 195 million tons per year. More than half of this comes from the region’s single biggest producer, Thailand. Here, Case IH is working closely with the most important sugar mills to increase harvesting productivity and to optimise the cleanness of sugarcane billets delivered to the mills.

This progress depends not only on world-class machinery, but also on the people who operate it. Recognising this, Case IH delivers high-level training in Thailand to enhance the knowledge and skills of harvester operators and service technicians. To help harvester operators get the best from their machines in all conditions, comprehensive training programmes are run on a harvester simulator.
“The training is key for sugar mills to reach their production objectives and increase profits,” says  
Emre Karazli, CNH Industrial Business Director, Agriculture, South East Asia & Japan. “That is why we have put the simulator at the disposal of our Case IH customers in Thailand. By training on this and on real machines in the field, operators are learning how to optimise machine performance. Our training initiatives are playing an important role in the exceptionally efficient production of high quality sugar.”

Case IH sugarcane harvesters deliver producers the total package in cane harvesting

For the sugarcane industry, Case IH offers the most proven line of harvesters available, the Austoft® 8000 Series and the Austoft® 8800 Series. These machines are the industry’s highest capacity sugarcane harvesters and ideally suited for the most demanding productivity and performance needs. Their Smart Cruise technology automatically adjusts engine rpm and reduces fuel consumption up to 0.7 litres of fuel per tonne of cane billet. In addition, Case IH offers the Austoft® 4000 Series, specifically designed for small to medium sized landholdings or big plantations with reduced row spacing. The brand’s offerings are also complemented by a full range of equipment for sugarcane operations.

​"Case IH is the first manufacturer of agricultural machines to feature a unique yield mapping system for the sugarcane industry."

​Successfully tested in Brazil, the new tool uses precision farming concepts to record and compare the productivity of sugarcane fields with great precision. The technical information is generated during harvesting, providing a detailed history to avoid replanting in unnecessary areas or overdosing fertilizer in productive areas.

Happy customers throughout the world

Raiteri Family Farm (Australia)
Fourth-generation sugarcane grower Gary Raiteri and his father Lou farm 157 hectares in North Queensland, Australia. They acquired their first Case IH Austoft sugarcane harvester in 1997 and in the following 20 years have purchased six more machines.  

With a team of just six and a limited number of days per year to cut, Gary estimates optimal productivity is 800 to 1000 tons per day. Their Austoft harvesters enable them to achieve this. “The only way we can reach 85,000 to 95,000 tons a year,” says Gary, “is with equipment that gets the job done efficiently.” Gary finds the Austoft 8800 “cuts through without a worry, where other machines have struggled,” and he likes the way the automatic base cut height control (Auto Tracker) ensures precise, uniform cutting with reduced losses and stool damage. He also enthuses about the ongoing after-sales service, which he ranks as second to none.

Danatech (La Réunion, France)
Danatech provides agricultural services on the French island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. The company’s Case IH Austoft 8000 sugarcane harvester cuts approximately 1,000 tons of green cane per day during peak season: a very good result, especially considering the difficult African soil.

Their Manager, Jim Hourau, says: “During the harvesting season, sugarcane factories here need to be constantly fed with cane, so my company needed a reliable machine that’s able to work long hours at good speed.” When asked about the Austoft 8000’s best features, Jim puts the Anti-Vortex cleaning system at number one. As the most modern and efficient cleaning system in the industry, this reduces extraneous matter and cane loss and dramatically improves the load density for transport, lowering operating costs. Jim also praises “the machine’s stability, the quality of the harvest, and the low fuel consumption. And its reliability gives me peace of mind.”

Sao Martinho Group (Brazil)*
Sao Martinho Group owns a total of 120,000 hectares, at four different locations, and produces sugar and alcohol. In addition to this, the company generates energy from sugarcane biogas, ensuring self-sufficiency and enabling the sale of surplus energy.

In the years 2014 - 2015 the amount of sugarcane processed was 18.7 million tons. With such large production and the need for reliable and powerful machines, the company chooses Case IH. The company’s fleet presently consists of 183 Case IH Sugarcane Harvesters and 418 Case IH tractors. Exceeding customers' expectations in terms of productivity and profitability and supporting them with innovative products and excellent services is Case IH’s mission worldwide.

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