New Farmall JXM series with proven Case IH quality

23 Sep 2015

The world of farming is changing rapidly. Still, there are things that will never change, like the importance of choosing farming equipment that works as hard as you, the whole day, every day. Since their first introduction in 1923, the Farmall tractors have been synonymous of versatile workhorses, built to deliver performance and rock-solid reliability under every working condition. This tradition now lives on in the Case IH Farmall JXM Series. With a perfect balance of robust design and rugged strength, these compact tractors offer the power and cost-effective performance needed by 21th century farming and are the ideal workmate for every farming task.

Strong at Heart
The Farmall JXM Series is powered by the world renowned Iveco S8000 Series engines, which are available in two versions: 80 hp (59.7 kW) and 88 hp (65.7 kW). With this 4-cylinder turbocharged powering, which is further enhanced by the intercooler in both models, the Farmall JXM tractors are tuned to deliver optimum and reliable performance, high torque and excellent productivity. The lower cooling requirements ensure high fuel efficiency and considerable savings. The no-rust 90 litre fuel tank gives more than enough fuel for long working days without any refueling need. These results are maximized by the excellent torque characteristics with up to 340Nm of torque and an impressive 30% of torque backup.

Running Smoothly in All Situations
Not all farming tasks are alike. That is why the Farmall JXM Series offers a wide range of transmissions to suit perfectly any application. All standard 8x8 and 12x12 transmissions are synchromesh with mechanical or Power Shuttle, which further increases the versatility of these tractors, enabling the operator to shift on the go, even at high speeds. The optional 20x20 creeper variant offers speeds as low as 280 meters per hour which are ideal for specific applications requiring high torque at extra-low speeds, such as trenching, vegetable farming and mulching. The new dash-mounted shuttle lever provides fast direction changes and effortless maneuvering, perfect for work in confined spaces and around the yard. The transmission clutches are built with high quality Organic or Cerametallic components in order to ensure maximum durability for extended operating life and superior heat dissipation even in the most arduous working conditions. The double clutches design optimizes the transmission system in order to deliver best-in-class fuel and power efficiency and continuous implement operations.

Well Equipped for Productivity
The Farmall JXM tractors are such a valuable performers also for their great PTO power and high lifting capacity which allow them to work with a wide range of tools and implements.
The new, independent PTO driveline is easy to operate and delivers a steady and efficient transfer of power. Besides the standard 540 rpm working speed, the Farmall JXM Series offers the economy 540E PTO option, which is ideal for smaller implements, and the 1,000 rpm option that better suits those farming tasks requiring high-powered equipment, such as spraying and spreading jobs. Ground speed PTO is standard throughout the range while the reverse PTO is available as option.
The 3 point hitch has a lift capacity of 2,000 kg while the optional assisted ram feature provides extra lifting power up to 2,500 kg for heavier implements. The JXM tractors benefit from a standard 54 lpm hydraulic pump flow, that delivers full capacity regardless of the load on the steering circuit and ensures enough hydraulic flowing for bigger implements. The optional up to three remote valves are ideal for loader operations and to accommodate a wider range of attachments.
The standard Lift-O-Matic rear linkage control is designed to make light work of heavy duty tasks. With the additional height limiter, it ensures accurate setting of the implement lift height which is very helpful in applications such as spraying, grass mowers or spreading. The Drop Rate Control valve safely keeps the implement in lock position during transport. The unique sensitivity valve adjusts the speed of the draft sensing according to the soil and the implement and it is very much appreciated in traditional ploughing and cultivation.
Designed for maximum strength and loading capacity, the single piece 4WD front axle maintains impressive traction over even the most demanding terrain.

Designed With Operator Comfort in Mind
The Farmall JXM Series is designed to provide the operator with a comfortable working environment during long working hours. All the essential controls are logically and ergonomically positioned within easy reach to make the time spent in the field not only comfortable but more productive as well. The dash mounted mechanical shuttle lever can be operated without taking hands off the steering wheel and helps the operator to remain focused on the task. The gear and the range selection levers are located to either side of the operator’s seat, while the independent PTO clutch lever is a great support in PTO applications. The standard power steering reduces operator fatigue and enhances manoeuvrability, even during heavy load operations. The large flat deck platform with suspended pedals is ergonomically designed for spacious leg room and easy access. The fully adjustable mechanical-suspension seat offers increased comfort. The ROPS frame, with sun canopy, is available for maximum safety and protection in every circumstance.

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