Case IH Rolls Out Big Changes to Large Square and Round Baler Lineup

06 Oct 2016

The new LB434XL large square baler from Case IH helps high-volume hay and forage producers bale more hectares per day, thanks to improved capacity and greater bale density. Paired with a Puma tractor, this rugged and reliable baler produces consistent, uniform bales hectare after hectare — regardless of the crop or field conditions

With the addition of Model Year 2017 RB5 series round balers, Case IH also is pleased to announce ISOBUS Class 3 functionality across the majority of its baler lineup and all Puma tractors. This Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) technology enhances both productivity and bale quality

“Our customers are telling us that that they want heavier, denser bales – and that is what our new LB434XL balers can provide,” says Jens Van De Mergel Case IH Product Specialist for Combines, Hay & Forage and Sprayers for Africa and the Middle East. “Just as important, we’re helping farmers hit peak nutritional value by giving them the technology they need to harvest each crop more efficiently. From tractors to balers and the latest precision technology, the growing line-up of innovative Case IH equipment at dealerships across Africa and the Middle East offers a one-stop shop for today’s producer.”

LB434XL large square balers raise the bar for productivity and reliability
From the beefed-up bale chamber to the rugged frame, the LB434XL is designed from the ground up for large-scale hay and forage operations with a lot of ground to cover and a short time to do it. Operators will immediately notice an 80 cm longer bale chamber. This 31 percent increase over current LB434 balers delivers up to 10 percent higher bale density. Greater density means more crop per bale, decreasing bale count as well as handling, wrapping and transportation costs — helping producers reach new markets economically.

ISOBUS Class 3-enabled Feedrate Control technology makes the dense, well-formed bales produced by the LB434XL easy to achieve for operators of all skill levels. This technology allows the baler to run at optimal performance and capacity by controlling the speed of an ISOBUS Class 3-compatible tractor, such as the versatile Puma. Feedrate Control includes two running operations:
• Charge Control: Automatically adjusts the tractor’s speed to reach optimal capacity from the baler. This results in higher throughput by up to 9 percent overall.
• Slice Control: Automatically adjusts the tractor’s speed based on bale slice thickness. This allows the operator to predetermine the number of slices per bale to create more consistent bale weight and length.

In addition to ISOBUS Class 3, the LB434XL comes with AFS capability built-in. The intuitive, easy-to-read AFS Pro 700 display monitors bale weight and moisture while detecting misties in real time — even at high speeds. Regardless of windrow conditions, steering sensors located on each side of the pre-chamber show the operator how to steer for quicker reactions and more uniform bale slices.

“Today’s markets expect dense, perfectly shaped bales,” Jens Van De Mergel said.  “Whether they are to be transported down the road or across the globe, users demand top quality feed value. For farmers, the latest baling technology means less fatigue in the field, plus the confidence that each bale they produce is consistent in quality, flake size and shape.”

The LB434XL baler is built to handle capacity. Additional enhancements to this workhorse model include:
• Robust design: The heavy-duty plunger hammers out uniform, dense bales at 48 strokes per minute while the rugged PTO driveline handles 40 per cent more peak torque. Increased pickup auger thickness, more robust axle and bearing options and a stronger frame add to overall durability.
• Larger platform: A larger platform makes baler clean-off easier for greater productivity. Folding safety railings simplify shipping and road transport, along with better access to the front of knotter fans.
• Improved bale-ejection system: The extended bale chamber ensures bales drop more gently with less twine breakage. Partial or full bale eject options feature an active teeth system for greater durability and reliable bale ejection.
• Hydraulic hose identification: Color-coded decals identify hydraulic lines to simplify tractor hookup.
• LED work and service lights: Clear illumination to key areas such as pickup, twine boxes, needles and knotters, and the rear safety rail provide better visibility.

ISOBUS Class 3 technology boosts round baler productivity
For Model Year 2017, RB5 series round balers can be equipped with a new ISOBUS Class 3 Tractor and Baler Automation option. This system controls the tractor stop, bale wrap and bale eject functions without any operator input required. Hooked up to a Puma tractor, operators can take advantage of ISOBUS Class 3 controls to stop the tractor automatically when the target bale size is reached. From there, net wrap is applied automatically and, when the wrap cycle is complete, the baler tailgate raises and lowers automatically to eject each wrapped bale. Once the completed bale is ejected, the operator can simply move the tractor shuttle lever to the forward position and go

“It is exciting to realise how much these technologies and enhancements and technology can improve the productivity of our customers’ operations,” Jens Van De Mergel added.

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