Zimbabwe Farmer of the Year 2016 winner receives first prize Case IH tractor

01 Dec 2016

Case IH and its distributor AGRICON Equipment Zimbabwe supported the Zimbabwe Farmer of the Year Award for the third year running and donated the first prize, a JX75T 4WD tractor. The winner, Ms Gracious Patricious Makoti, is a small scale farmer from the Sanyati District in northern central Zimbabwe.

Case IH and its distributor AGRICON Equipment Zimbabwe sponsored for the third year running the coveted Farmer of the Year Award bestowed by the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) at the Harare Agricultural Show 2016. The ZAS judged the quality of the produce displayed at the show and visited the farm to assess the fields, the produce and the set up of the homestead of winner Ms Gracious Patricious Makoti.
AGRICON Equipment Zimbabwe donated the first prize, a JX75T four-wheel drive tractor and a three-disc plough, which was delivered at a ceremony held at the winner’s farm in the Sanyati District on 18 November. Mr Neville Sealy, General Manager of AGRICON Equipment Zimbabwe explained the company’s sponsorship of the award: “At AGRICON Equipment Zimbabwe we try to do as much as possible, to support small scale and communal farmers like Ms Gracious Patricious Makoti. With this sponsorship we hope to raise awareness of how mechanisation can help farmers in Zimbabwe.”
Ms Gracious Patricious Makoti grows maize, tomatoes and potatoes, and raises cows and chickens on 5 hectares. The farm runs a 45 hp tractor, two-disc plough and trailer. “With the new Case IH tractor we will spend less time in the field, so that we will be able to do more, and even increase the area we farm,” commented Ms Gracious Patricious Makoti. “We feel honoured and we have been uplifted by the award. We are very grateful for this opportunity.”
AGRICON Equipment Zimbabwe supports customers across the country with its team of salespeople and qualified service technicians. Mr Sealy added: “We can support Farmers in their endeavours to farm sustainable crops and be profitable businesses. With the reliable and productive Case IH products, our exceptional after sales services, our service packages and professional staff, we enable them to focus on their business while we focus on their agricultural equipment.”
Case IH JXT: Strong, efficient, engineered for high output and versatility
The JX75T tractor won by Ms Gracious Patricious Makoti is a true workhorse perfect for small farms like hers: like all JXT Series tractors, it is  simple, powerful, totally reliable and economical  - designed to provide a comfortable work environment with outstanding visibility all round, also making it safer to operate around the farm.
The engine is highly efficient and delivers a powerful performance with low fuel consumption. The high engine backup torque enables the JXT to deal effortlessly with sudden loads at constant engine rpm.
The transmission is engineered to deliver high output and the PTO supplies the power to operate a wide range of implements with ease and precision, making these tractors extremely versatile. The hydraulic system adjusts the height of implements according to the soil and the requirements of the application based on 24 sensing positions. The ground PTO speed is proportional to the tractor's travel speed, so that the JXT can operate implements at low speeds. The excellent accessibility makes it very easy to hop on and off to take care of a variety of tasks around the farm, adding to the tractor’s versatility.
The JXT is an easy access, ideal for hopping on and off while doing multiple jobs around the farm.

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