Case IH distributor training in Tunisia and Morocco

08 Mar 2017

Practical understanding of new technologies to boost mechanization in North Africa

Case IH Agriculture has held two Commercial Training events - in Casablanca, Morocco and Tunis, Tunisia - to highlight the performance characteristics of the Maxxum, Farmall JX, Farmall JXM, JX Straddle and JXT tractor ranges. In Tunisia, Case IH was assisting importer Agrodis in training its distributors, while in Morocco the company was working with newly-appointed importer Hydrau Mac, in the first training of this kind in North Africa since the recent re-organisation of commercial areas. With both classroom sessions and product walk-arounds, the two-day events provided sales teams with the features, benefits and customer requirements of these popular tractor models.

The machines are some of the most rugged tractors in their class (up to 125hp), with much of the training concentrating on functionality in tough operating conditions. Salesmen also become familiarised with the additional benefits of comfort, low maintenance and reduced fuel consumption offered by these proven Case IH machines. The Farmall JXM in particular was popular with participants, keen to assess the impressive fuel economy and low noise levels offered by their Stage III engines. Available in two power ratings, this new tractor can bring new levels of comfort to markets where functionality is the undisputed main value of a tractor.

“Training sessions such as those carried out in Casablanca and Tunis typically have two purposes,” said Daniel Bordabossana, Marketing Manager for Case IH Middle East and Africa. “They allow sellers to get both a theoretical and practical understanding of the technology underlying customer values. Case IH is successful because it provides equipment with features that again and again prove beneficial to customers all over the world. Hence, the practical touch of looking at the controls, features and performance of tractors sold in these African markets. This is what will allow more customers to get exposed to the benefits of the models sold in the area.”

“These training sessions, done in French for the first time, also help us to prepare for the future. The market right now is just for tractors between 70 hp and 100hp. The next 10 years could bring not just another 30hp to the average power but a whole new class of features on most sold tractors.”

With that in mind, delegates were also introduced to the performance advantages available from higher horsepower tractors such as the Maxxum and shown a clear roadmap of future evolutions.
Tunisia and Morrocco, strategic markets for Case IH

Agriculture plays a major role in Tunisia’s economy, with around 17% of the country’s workforce engaged in agricultural production. The sector contributes 10% of GDP and is growing at 5% per year. In Morocco more than half the working population is involved in farming.

“Morocco and Tunisia are potentially very good markets, due to the rapid development of agriculture,” said Daniel Bordabossana. “Case IH will continue to fuel the growth of the agricultural sector, bringing more advanced products and services to the market.”

Having the right products for the market is one thing, but sharing the experience and expertise to make the best of this machinery is equally important for Case IH. Both Tunisia and Morocco are keen to adopt environmentally-friendly mechanisation, and training in the use of equipment is a vital component in ensuring that farm workers have the right tools for the job.

“The advantage for us of these training sessions is that we can be in direct contact with the trainers who really know the Case IH product, answering all of our questions,” said Noureddine Amraoui, Commercial Director of Agrodis. “The benefit for our distributors is learning about the products and the advantages that will improve agriculture dramatically in our country.”

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