Case IH Magnum powers new seeding record

23 Jun 2014

Successful team:

  • Case IH Magnum 340 and Väderstad Tempo set new seeding record with sunflower
  • 306 hectares high-speed precision planting in 24 hours
  • Magnum delivers reliability and performance

Professional farmers need to know they can count on their tractor to deliver power, productivity and economy under all circumstances. Whilst planting sunflowers for the 2014 season, a Case IH Magnum demonstrated yet again that it righteously combines these traits into an extremely reliable high horsepower package: A Case IH Magnum 340 powered a Väderstad Tempo in a 24-hour planting race on the Agrotrade Estate near Pleven, north of Sofia in Bulgaria. Arranged by Titan Machinery, the official Case IH importer for Bulgaria, the record impressively confirmed the Magnum’s performance.

"Drilling 306 hectares in 24 hours means driving at almost 20 km/h for the duration of the race, and that is a tough task for both man and machines", said Vasile Morariu, Field Specialist from Case IH. "Choosing the Magnum 340 for the record was easy though, as it is a very reliable, powerful and a proven machine. There are hundreds of Magnum tractors in Bulgaria, cultivating thousands of hectares year upon year. It was just a matter of getting started", Morariu said with a smile.​

Precision is key
To keep the stress levels down and ensure the best operator environment, Case IH Advanced farming Systems were used during the successful race. "The tractor was equipped with AFS AccuGuide, an AFS Pro 700 touch-screen and correction signals were provided by a base station nearby", explained George Stanson, Business Manager for Case IH Balkans. "This setting allowed for a faultless 24 hour operation. Backed by a professional team, that was a truly rewarding event", he said.

Key data:

  • Tractor: Case IH Magnum 340
  • Planter: 12 row Väderstad Tempo
  • GPS: AFS AccuGuide with RTK
  • Time period: 24hrs
  • Area: 306 ha
  • Work Rate: 12.75 ha/hr
  • Speed: 19 km/h
  • Fuel used: 3.5 litres/ha (all are averages)​

​Professional dealers for professional farmers
The partnership between Case IH and Titan Machinery has been flourishing and prospering since 1980. For their customers in Eastern Europe, high-speed precision work on large fields is an everyday task. Such a record, however, is the decisive add-on, further improving the reputation of Case IH machinery as top level equipment and of Titan Machinery as the professional dealer for professional farmers.

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