New Case IH Axial-Flow® 140 combines to be launched in Europe

31 Jul 2014

​Making the good even better yet:

  • New Case IH 5140 / 6140 / 7140 combine models all ready to be launched
  • Increased engine power and further evolution of the rotor mark the next step in efficient farming
  • High harvesting speed, excellent grain cleaning, minimised grain losses

Case IH as inventor of the Axial-Flow® rotor harvesting technology has once again set new standards: On the basis of many years of capacious experiences and continuous development, the latest generation of Axial-Flow® combines are now about to enter the European market. Whilst the single rotor concept has consistently proven its outstanding performance and reliability in about 150,000 Case IH Axial-Flow® combines throughout the last decades, the next generation is ready to perform even better. All combines now fulfil the Tier 4 final legislation and have revised engine power peaking at 449 hp on the 7140 model.

Experts for high-yielding crops

Increased engine power and consistent rotor developments have optimised performance in high-yielding crops under European conditions. "Weather conditions are reducing the ideal harvesting window and farm sizes keep on growing, thus reducing the harvesting time which is available per hectare for the individual operator. To compensate for this growing demand, our engineers have yet again made large steps to further improve the performance of our combines. The new Case IH 5140 / 6140 / 7140 combine models have been optimised to increase throughput and productivity whilst ensuring highest grain quality and reducing grain losses to almost nil – even when working in tough conditions", says Paul Harrison, Harvesting Coordinator for EMEA.

Efficient and gentle

Combines of the Case IH Axial-Flow® 140 series are designed to meet the requirements of truly demanding specialists running mid-sized arable operations, from professional farms to contract businesses and machinery syndicates.

"Rotors are optimised for European threshing conditions in all crops – they are further enhanced with a new rasp bar configuration for gentle threshing and high throughput. As rotors are perfectly matched with the new engines of these combines, available power is used very efficiently. And, equally important: In addition to the consistently high productivity in all crops and harvesting

situations, gentle threshing of our rotor ensures that our customers will have top quality grain in their grain tanks", emphasises Harrison.

Easy cleanout of combine – a must for seed growers

The gentle threshing system of Axial-Flow® combines is particularly liked by seed growers. The inclusion of the new in-cab operated clean-out system adjusts the cleaning system in such a way that most of the crop is blown out, greatly reducing the time spent to prepare the combine for the next field.

Wide range of Axial-Flow® headers, fast unloading

A wide range of headers including variable grain headers, flex headers, pick-up headers, draper headers and corn headers are available in widths of up to 9.3m for the new 140 series combines. These headers are designed specifically for European conditions and allow for making the most of the combine’s capacity.

"The grain tanks on our 6140 and 7140 Axial-Flow® combines hold a capacity of 10,570 litres. When the time for unloading comes, it gets done fast, with a maximum unloading rate of 113 litres/sec. And: As the length of the auger allows the grain trailer to stay in comfortable distance from the combine, operators can even save more time whilst securely unloading on the go", explains Paul Harrison.

Industry-leading exhaust treatment and emission reduction

Case IH decided to use SCR exhaust treatment technology right from the start. The reduction of emissions and the excellent reliability of the engines have impressively confirmed this strategy. With HI-eSCR, the next step towards an even cleaner and more efficient future has followed in the meantime. Developed by the CNH Industrial in-house engine specialist FPT Industrial, the new HI-eSCR technology is cutting emissions by 95% whilst further increasing performance, fuel efficiency and reliability – an effect directly to be noticed on lower fuel bills!

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