New Case IH Axial-Flow® 240 combines: Top-range harvesting technology

31 Jul 2014

​Performance at its best:

  • New Case IH 7240 / 8240 / 9240 combine models launched in Europe
  • Developed and built for top performance and throughput, easy operation and utmost reliability
  • Further efficiency boost thanks to new Cursor 16 engine from FPT Industrial

With the launch of the new Case IH 7240 / 8240 and 9240 models, Axial-Flow® harvesting technology has made yet another leap forward. Following the first ever Case IH single rotor combines launched decades ago, an impressive range of models and innovations have since been introduced into the worldwide market. The new 240 models give evidence that Case IH as inventor of the Axial-Flow® rotor technology is, and remains the specialist and trendsetter for high-performance harvesting technology.

Top performer for European conditions

In the new Case IH flagship models, engine power and rotor efficiency have been further improved to optimise throughput in high-yielding crops under European harvesting conditions. "The new Cursor 11 in the 7240 and the new Cursor 16 engine to be used in our 9240 combines provide the basis for unrivalled power and efficiency", says Paul Harrison, Harvesting Coordinator for EMEA. "With the 16-litre Cursor 16 engine, CNH Industrial in-house engine specialist FPT Industrial has developed an extraordinary ‘efficiency wonder’, a 16-litre performer in a 13-litre package on the new top end 9240 combine with a 634 hp peak. The new variable speed cooling fan drives at reduced rpm if not all cooling power is required, reducing engine noise and freeing up power to be used where it should be used. In combination with the further optimised design of our Axial-Flow® rotor, throughput and performance of these combines indeed set new standards. This is also true with regard to Tier 4 final emissions: the HI-eSCR technology patented by FPT Industrial cuts emissions by 95% while further increasing performance, fuel efficiency and reliability", Harrison points out.

Striving for perfection

The engine power on all models of the 240 series meets the demands of large modern farms and contracting businesses: high-capacity harvesting, increased separation capacity and the capability to work smoothly even under most challenging conditions.

"As inventor of the single Axial-Flow® rotor design, Case IH continuously invests in engineering to further optimise what is already setting industry standards. Rotor and feeder design for example were specifically enhanced to match the Cursor’s engine power on all our 240 series combines perfectly to European harvesting conditions, at the same time optimising productivity and minimising grain losses during high-capacity harvesting. In addition, a larger capacity grain tank coupled with our high-capacity unloading system will reduce the time needed for unloading", explains Paul Harrison.

Customer benefits are key

"When improving our harvesting machines, there is one clear principle we always follow: Case IH Axial-Flow® combines are developed and built for our costumers – to deliver efficient reliable productivity with ease of operation. When changing between crops or fields, for example, the "Clean Out" function on the AFS Pro 700 screen helps to quickly clean out the combine. When activated, this is a major time saver and particularly useful for seed growers for example", says Harrison.

Latest generation headers

240 series combines can be operated with the latest generation of Case IH VariCut headers which are available in widths of up to 12.5m. These headers are designed specifically for European conditions and allow Case IH customers to make the most of these combines’ capacity.

"We offer our customers a wide selection of headers for our combines", explains Harrison. "These include variable position knife headers, ‘Terra-flex’ flexible knife headers, draper headers – for combinable cereal & pulse crops, pick-up headers for speciality crops and multi-row corn headers for sunflowers; all are capacity matched to our combines to deliver ultimate productivity."

Traction and comfort – two more convincing features

Farmers and operators pay attention to ground pressure. Case IH Axial-Flow® combines are offered with the latest tyre technology from Michelin and Mitas, utilising low tyre pressure to support high cyclical loads. This results in a large footprint, reduced ground pressure and undamaged fields, even if large headers are used.

In addition to the proven tracks which reduce the ground pressure on soft fields, Case IH is introducing the fully suspended tracks for the 7240, 8240 and 9240 combines. These will be available in two widths, 610 mm and 724 mm, giving a total width of just under 3.5m for the 610mm version. In addition to the soft ride on rough fields and roads, their additional fourth idler roller gives a larger ground contact area, thus reducing ground pressure and actively supporting the larger 14,400 l grain tank.

"There is no combine simpler or more comfortable to operate than the latest Case IH 140 and 240 series Axial-Flow®", says Harrison. "All key external functions are placed in the palm of the operator’s hand with the Multifunction Propulsion Control Lever, thus giving full control. Grouped and arranged in the most ergonomic and logical layout on the right hand console, the commands follow the combine from front to back positions. All header functions and unloading auger operations can be handled the easy way – for long, productive and comfortable days in the field", Harrison concludes.

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