Magnum ™ AFS Connect ™ impress at Cairo Group Farmers' Day

04 Nov 2021

Case IH recently unveiled the seventh generation of its flagship conventional tractor, the new Magnum™ AFS Connect™ 400, to farmers during the Cairo Group Farmers' Day held in Koppies in the Free State.

Three decades ago, the first Magnum tractor was unveiled to farmers, with more than 150 000 Magnum tractors having been employed on farms around the world since then.

Major upgrades to the Magnum™ AFS Connect™ series are inside the cabin and in the tractor itself, helping the driver and owner to better manage farming operations with new levels of precision, convenience and connectivity.

The new series is designed according to worldwide customer feedback and the result is a tractor that recognizes the needs of farmers. While it meets the requirements of innovative, forward-thinking farmers who exploit the potential of new precision technology, it works easily for those who are less technologically inclined.

The interior of the cabin has been revised, retaining well-known Case IH concepts such as pillar information screens and armrest controls, and the improved performance of these controls elevates intuitive operation to a higher level.

Alexey Savinov, Case IH's Product Marketing Manager for the Magnum Series in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, said "the intuitive operation and convenience of the driver was a necessity for the design of the new tractor series".

"The improvement of the driver's environment includes a new swivel seat, better air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems and new car-style controls," he explained.

According to Jaap van der Westhuizen, owner of Cairo Group and proud Case IH dealer and farmer, there were quite a few highlights that stood out at this event.

Farmers were particularly impressed with the new Case IH equipment display at the reception area and the effort that the team made to make them feel welcome.

Farmers had the opportunity to listen to experts during a presentation, including high level representatives of Case IH Southern Africa, and were surprised to learn how advanced CASE IH technology has become. 

"The intuitive operation and convenience of the driver was a necessity for the design of the new tractor series."​

"The new AFS Connect tractor series can now operate within a precision margin of less than 2,5 cm, which is better than all competitors," said Esmond Coen, head of Case IH Ag Solutions. Uploading and downloading data through AFS Connect is now also considered to be the fastest on the market and the number of features and options is astounding. The functions include everything a farmer can think of; where the machine is located, it's working status and also what it requires (for example fuel or maintenance). Data from the cultivated area, or varying application rates, are also recorded and transmitted in real time and the farmer can even see what his profit forecasts look like as the tractors move through the fields.

According to Arno du Plessis, Head of Tactical Marketing for Case IH Southern Africa, the new Magnum™ AFS Connect™ can be seen as a "complete solution" for the farmer.

After the presentation, the Magnum™ AFS Connect™ 400 demonstrated its abilities in the field. Farmers were particularly impressed with the tractor's performance and power. On a hot Free State day the luxurious, air-conditioned cabin was definitely the place to be and farmers didn't hesitate to test drive the tractor.

Muller van der Westhuizen, a producer from the Parys district who currently grows maize, sunflowers and soyabeans, believes this tractor's comfortable and luxurious cabin makes it stand out head and shoulders above previous models.

For Jaap van der Westhuizen as a dealer, it's an exceptional privilege to be able to do business directly with CNH Industrial. He was delighted with the positive feedback and interest after the event. "I'm very excited about the future, despite any possible challenges. As a farmer, I'm proud to say that I am a full-blooded CASE IH supporter".

​In his words, "A successful farmer's best year is always the one ahead!"