Constantly Variable Transmissions the focus of new tractors from Case IH at LAMMA

22 Jan 2014

With more than a decade’s experience of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) technology Case IH is at the forefront of developments in this sector. To highlight the numerous advantages which this type of transmission has to offer the company will be showing its new six-cylinder Magnum CVX and ​four-cylinder Maxxum CVX models for the first time at LAMMA, alongside the well-established Puma CVX range.

Maxxum CVX EP is the first four-cylinder Case IH tractor to incorporate CVT. Versatile and cost-effective, the Maxxum 110 CVX EP, Maxxum 120 CVX EP and Maxxum 130 CVX EP are rated at 110hp, 121hp and 131hp respectively, with all models featuring ‘Power Management’ which provides up to 32hp more in transport, hydraulic and PTO applications.

In addition to eight Puma CVX models, ranging from the 131hp 130 CVX which delivers a maximum of 171hp with Power Management, to the 228hp Puma 230 CVX with up to 269hp, Case IH now offers Continuously Variable Transmission on its range of Magnum CVX models which have rated power outputs from 260hp to 370hp.

The most powerful Case IH rigid-chassis tractor, the 404 hp Magnum 370 CVX incorporates a four-range CVT which enables the tractor to move seamlessly from a standstill to its maximum speed of 50kph, while the ‘Active Stop’ function provides additional control and enables hillside stops without applying the brakes.

Power is provided by a highly-efficient 8.7 litre Case IH FPT engine which produces 367hp at 2000 rpm and a peak power output of 419hp, with peak torque of 1806Nm from 1400 - 1600 rpm. An engine brake is available for heavy transport applications. This flagship model incorporates a new 5" Heavy Duty Rear Axle, longer wheelbase, larger-diameter front and rear tyres, together with a new Case IH-produced front axle which improves suspended load capacity, ride, handling and traction.

“Case IH has more than a decade of experience in Continuously Variable Transmissions. They are part of the reason why Case IH has a truly global tractor range that delivers productivity and cost effectiveness in the widest range of applications and farming businesses,” states Paul Freeman, Product Specialist for Case IH UK. “Continuously Variable Transmissions are well-proven, reliable and help farming businesses to operate even more efficiently, while the Magnum CVX takes the concept a stage further by meeting the increasing demand from farmers for greater versatility in high-horsepower conventional tractors.”​

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