New Case IH 140 combine series: Major boost in productivity

25 Aug 2015

​Maximum performance and operator comfort on medium size combines / Top threshing and cleaning systems allow for almost zero crop losses / Minimum wear and extended lifetime of components reduce maintenance requirements / Many customer suggestions taken up

The new Case IH Axial-Flow 140 Series combines have undergone a number of changes which provide noticeable increases of performance, comfort and reliability. The model year 2016 line-up includes the 5140 Cross Flow with an FPT 6.7 litre Stage IV engine with maximum power of 312hp, the 6140 Cross Flow model with an 8.7 litre FPT Stage IV engine with 400hp maximum power, and the 7140 Cross Flow model, also with a 8.7 litre Stage IV engine and a maximum power output of 449hp. “Our engineers have invested considerable efforts to further improving the combines’ performance, and they have done so very effectively”, says August von Eckardstein, Product Marketing Manager Harvesting Technology at Case IH Europe.

More efficient cleaning and perceptible capacity increases

Following the rotor, a new six auger bed replaces the former five auger bed and conveys the crop efficiently and with higher capacity to the sieves. There, a new automatic side-hill compensation system ensures optimum grain flow. “This new Cross Flow Cleaning System feature is activated automatically when needed – and de-activated when not required. It is a very efficient means to further enhance the capacity of our 140 series combines. No operator input is necessary for operating this system, which compensates up to 12 degrees of lateral slope. In addition to the much higher capacity of the clean grain auger and the large grain tank, with 10,570 litres on the 6140 and 7140 models, the Cross Flow Cleaning System feature enables operators to fully use these combines’ abilities and make the most of their days in the fields; this is particularly true in demanding hillside conditions. When seen in the light of grain losses, which amount to almost zero in the Case IH Axial-Flow combines, owners get perfect results and the best possible return on their investment”, explains von Eckardstein.

Improved straw management for high-quality chopping and swathing

Whether chopping or swathing, optimum straw management remains a decisive prerequisite for properly establishing the next crop. Several changes now allow for even better straw quality, for more precise spreading of chopped straw and chaff, as well as more precise swathing. “In addition to technical requirements for best possible spreading and swathing results, changing from swath to chopping and back has become a lot easier on the new 140 series combines. When operators need to change from swathing to chopping, or the other way round, when moving from one field or customer to another, for example, this can be done within a minute with two equally quick and simple steps”, says August von Eckardstein. “The operator has the option of changing from chop to spread and vice versa from the comfort of the cab or with electrical switches mounted on the right hand side of the combine.  In addition the speed of the chopper is changed manually without tools or belt changes from the right hand side of the combine, he says. 

Rubber Track System for 6140 and 7140

For customers demanding more comfort, reduced soil compaction, safer road transport through reduced vehicle widths and, of course, to support our combine having the ability to work with larger headers and utilizing the 10,500 litre grain tank, Case IH has chosen Zuidberg as their preferred partner to mount their F-type dampened tracks. The tracks are integrated into the axle of the combine relieving the combine drive hub of all structural forces; the tracks are available as 610mm and 762mm versions and the combine remains within the 3.5m width limit; 900mm tracks are also available but the vehicle width will be over 3.5m  

Maximum ease and comfort of operation

The new model year 2016 combines feature numerous detail improvements, several of which were suggested via intense dialogue between Case IH and customers. New composite bottoms of the clean grain and tailings augers makes cleaning even more simple and quick than ever before. “That is a feature which will be particularly appreciated by seed growers and contractors as they can clean out the cleaning system easily, especially in combination with the combine’s on-screen ‘Cleanout’ function,” highlights von Eckardstein. Re-positioning of the clean grain and tailings elevators gives the operator incredible access to the combine’s right hand side; more operator comfort also comes with the new parallel tensioning of the elevator chain drives from ground level. 

Six smaller and lighter concave elements enable quick and easy handling and changing of the concaves for different crops, whilst the total repositioning of the driveline on the right hand side of the combine provides easier and quicker access. “There are even fewer belts on the Axial-Flow than before, and we have more efficient drives with better accessibility”, says von Eckardstein, and he adds: “We have also changed the ground-drive system, adopting many of the comfort features of the 240 range combines, resulting in less gear-shifting. The new system offers easy electrical shifting between two mechanical ranges, and shifting is performed via a rotary switch on the console. Replacing the traditional gear shift system, this method gives the operator the functionality of a semi-powershift transmission. The hydrostatic drive has been enhanced to handle higher traction loads commonly experienced in Europe.  All these features offer further productivity increases.”

Increased efficiency and comfort, extended service life

Using a Case IH Axial-Flow combine is about getting the crop in as completely, gently and efficiently as possible. That is why further detail improvements on the 140 series combines also include feeder enhancements for better and more efficient feeding towards the rotor, and extended lifetime of the components. Therefore less time and money need to be spent on maintenance. The new factory-fitted yield sensor provides more accuracy of yield monitoring, even without calibration, and features such as the press-once function for opening and closing of the grain tank save precious time in the field. “The new pivoting spout option for easier and better filling of grain trailers without the need to reposition either combine or trailer is yet another top feature of our new 140 series combines that further improves efficiency and ease of operation”, explains von Eckardstein. 

The new Case IH Axial-Flow 140 series combines are pre-wired for three cameras on the grain tank, the unloading auger and the rear of the combine. Side shielding has been redesigned, so no more time is wasted taking several separate covers off, and the new perforated chopper floor offers an extended separation area for demanding conditions and further reduces the already negligible crop losses to almost nil. Inside the cab, operators are given the optimum tread that Case IH combines are renowned for. This includes two new seat options for highest operator comfort, even in the bumpiest conditions, and some other useful updates.​

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