Fireworks of Case IH innovations and premiere of Optum CVX tractor range

09 Sep 2015

​​​Harvesting technology, precision farming, continuous variable transmission – and the Optum CVX as completely new tractor range: Case IH introduces a broad range of innovations / Leading position in soil protection further strengthened / More than 2,000 square metres of exhibition space and Dealer Lounge in hall 5

Case IH will be presenting multiple innovations at this year's Agritechnica: Hall 5 of the fair ground in Hanover thus will become the meeting point for anyone interested in the almost loss-free and gentle threshing with the Axial-Flow, latest and especially user-friendly tools for precision farming, innovative technologies for continuously variable transmission – and the new Optum CVX tractor range in particular. "Visitors of Agritechnica have very clear conceptions of what modern agriculture has to deliver. It is a pleasure for us to present convincing Case IH innovations in Hanover again this year, innovations which offer optimum solutions and an excellent value for money to our customers", says Stefan Bogner, General Manager of Case IH Germany.

Optum CVX as "eye-catcher"
Compact, powerful, versatile – and on top of that a true "eye-catcher": Newly designed and developed, the Case IH Optum tractor range is not only the result of most intensive development work and testing, but also based on in-depth customer surveys conducted in Europe in particular. Without doubt, the new design will make the Optum CVX also one of the most striking highlights on the 2,000 square metres Case IH stand. "The new tractor range, developed and built in St. Valentin, is our distinct response to the requirements of the European market. With ample power, 4-speed rear PTO and 2-speed front PTO, a vast multitude of applications can be handled with ease: Customers will receive the optimum solution for just any kind of operational requirement", explains Norbert Zehne, Case IH Product Manager for tractors.

Case IH: the soil protection specialist
The rubber tracks of the Quadtrac, the most powerful production tractor in the world, and the optional rubber tracks on the front axle of large Case IH Axial-Flow combines have led the way: Ample power put on "large feet" does not only provide most impressive traction but also ensures effective protection of the soil against compaction or shearing and associated negative impacts. The Magnum Rowtrac now successfully follows in these footsteps: "Rubber tracks on the rear axle of the Magnum deliver excellent traction. For customers in large farms and for contractors, this 'double plus' in performance and soil protection offers extended time windows for getting necessary work done – and thus a considerably relieves the strain in work peaks", emphasises Zehne.

In addition to the rubber tracks of Case IH – the best available solution for traction and soil protection in the upper horsepower segment in agriculture – also Advanced Farming Systems of Case IH offer a multitude of starting points for improved soil protection. "Precision Farming and exact guidance in the field are increasingly used for Controlled Traffic Farming, i.e. systems where continuous tracks are maintained and used for years, thus reducing the surface area in the field that is used for machine traffic. Such systems and many other elements of our Advanced Farming Systems will be presented at Agritechnica", says Zehne.

Top level harvesting technology
Making outstanding technologies even better yet is one of the secrets of the Case IH Axial-Flow combines' continued success story since more than three decades ago: The 140 and 240 series, both further optimised in the model year 2015, give impressive evidence why the Axial-Flow is righteously deemed the most gentle and most efficient threshing system. "A study that was just recently released confirms the threshing performance and the minimal grain losses of rotor combines. About 99% of the grain gets into the grain tank – instead of being blown onto the field with chaff and straw – and the further enlarged grain tank is just one of the many features of the latest models which allow for maximum operating efficiency", explains Andreas Retting, Manager Harvesting Technology at Case IH.

Innovation fireworks in all segments
In addition to the new tractor range, continuous upgrades as well as new developments in harvesting technologies, chassis developments and various enhanced or new elements of precision farming, also new and interesting developments in continuously variable transmission are introduced at Agritechnica for example. "Last but not least, such a trade fair is an excellent marketplace to maintain our extensive professional exchange with our dealers. As in previous years, we will therefore have our Dealer Lounge again. However, we will also fly our flag for the new generation of farmers – as sponsor of the Young Farmers Party of Young DLG", concludes Stefan Bogner.​​

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