Focus on customer benefits: Case IH Advanced Farming Systems

09 Nov 2015

Retrofitting: With AFS 700 monitor and the new steering motor, precision for all manufacturers and in older machines / Headland curves and contour-precise headland swaths with AccuGuide / 'Multilingual' data formats for easier use / Compatibility with guidance lines from Trimble displays / Customised names option on work screens

FlexCommand-7: Advanced Farming Systems ‘go mobile’ / Right on track: Motor Drive for Trimble Autopilot / AFS Connect & Trimble Connected Farm: New gateway for data exchange

With its Advanced Farming Systems, Case IH offers its customers a range of modules and comprehensive solutions for precision farming. The AFS 700 monitor update is just one example. 'We have specifically looked for opportunities to further improve the potential of our Advanced Farming Systems and to tap into an even larger user base. With the AFS 700 and the new ElectriSteer steering motor, even machines from other manufacturers and older machines can be used for working with high precision levels, where this option wasn't available before. The new Flex Command-7 tablet lets AFS ‘go mobile’, and with the new gateway between AFS Connect & Trimble Connected Farm, we have opened new dimensions in connectivity and data exchange," reports Ulrich Sommer,  Precision Farming Marketing Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

AFS 700 monitors with clearly expanded performance range
The new ElectriSteer universal steering motor and AFS 700 combination has made this possible: a precise steering system for all machines and manufacturers. For example, this intelligent solution enables older cultivating tractors to continue working with the necessary flexibility, efficiency and precision levels. "Another clear advantage of this retro fitting solution can be seen in the installation, which can be undertaken simply and without modifying the steering column or original steering wheel. The system works reliably down to minimum speeds of 1.6 kph. Toggling between forward and reverse direction is reliably detected and managed with the usual precision", explains Sommer. 

Precision guidance also in headlands
Maximum precision also becomes an everyday reality with the AFS 700 even on headlands. While guidance lines on headland corners have long been 'rounded off' depending on the system, accompanied by deviations in the actual field contour, the AccuGuide steering system now also allows you to follow field corner contours and achieve a clean result. This means no more missed areas and optimum use of the space available.

Data independence with ISO XML
ISO XML is now the global standard language for data exchange. As an interface between the office computer, display and task controller on each machine, the Task Controller in the ISOBUS terminal takes care of data configuration, compression and transfer to the machine. At the same time, application data for subsequent transfer to the main computer is bundled. Thanks to the availability of data in the ISO XML format, users of the new AFS 700 enjoy perfect compatibility and data independence.

'Multilingual' with Shape File format
The latest generation of AFS 700 can now also read data in Shape File format. This considerably facilitates data exchange with external partners. "Many external service providers send data in Shape File format. This applies to information on field boundaries, guidance lines, and also variable rate application maps for fertilising and sprayers. Data in the Shape File format can now be used immediately on AFS 700 displays", says Ulrich Sommer.

Eliminating tramline errors ​
Counting guidance lines for correct tramline switching is a thing of the past. The 3D field maps on the AFS 700 display identify the guidance lines which also contain a tramline. This way, reliable and precise tramline creation is also guaranteed to be trouble-free even on long working days.  ​

GPS coordinates: Transferable without USB
The new AFS 700 monitors permit the scanning and manual transfer of GPS coordinates and compass directions on the display. This way, for example, guidance lines from one vehicle can be transferred manually to another vehicle, without the need to use a USB drive.

Improved compatibility
Compatibility with guidance lines displayed on aftermarket displays is another feature of the new AFS 700 displays, as these guidance lines are easily transferred to AFS 700 monitors. "Even if this is only a small detail from the range of performances from our AFS solutions, the sum of these details is a clear indication of Case IH commitment to support and assist our customers in their everyday tasks in all aspects as far as possible and to the best of our abilities", stresses Sommer.

"I give it a name – I know it": Individual names for work screens
​Even if work steps and functions are generally the same around the world and at least on a national level, and the names for individual activities and functions can be communicated in a comprehensible manner with the same terms, this can be made even more customised and catchy: The individual work screens on the new AFS 700 monitors can therefore be set with individual names. Instead of 'Run 1 to Run 6', the tabs can now be set to individual user preferences with names including 'GPS', ISOBUS' or other terms, permitting an altogether more user-friendly and simpler menu navigation experience. 

Advanced Farming Systems ‘go mobile’
With the new FlexCommand-7, Precision Framing “on the go” becomes reality. With the functionality of traditional displays, the robust 7’’ tablet offers maximum flexibility as it can easily be taken from one machine to another, to the farm or to other places such as advisor’s offices etc. Being equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, the tablet can connect to portable receivers where ever they are available. 

“Whilst staying with the operator, the FlexCommand-7 provides personalised experience and a variety of Apps. The tablet features the same user interface and operating system as the XCN-2050 App application, and latest ISO support including direct connections to standard ISOBUS connectors. With its projected capacitive touch-screen and a weight of just 550 grams, the Android-based FlexCommand-7 is an excellent tool for further enhancing flexibility and connectivity in modern agriculture”, says Sommer. “Being the first true dual solution tool that can be used as personal tablet computer and for Precision Agriculture alike, the system is capable of delivering ISO UT support, manual guidance, Task Control as well as section and rate control in the field”, he adds.

Autopilot Motor Drive – Steering Motor option for Trimble Autopilot 
Autopilot Motor Drive combines the easy Installation of an Steering Motor with the Performance of a full Autopilot Installation. This is cost efficient for all type of machines where a hydraulic installation is too complex or cost intensive.

In addition to full hydraulic and factory ready solutions, we now also offer an electric motor drive as a guidance option. In conjunction with the FM750 touch-screen, the system offers highly precise auto-guidance with RTK accuracy. As slow speed forward and reverse operation are fully covered, the system can be used for a wide range of applications. And, equally important: The system is easy to install and thus easy to be transferred between different vehicles.

New gateway for data exchange
Instead of having separate data networks, there is a clear tendency in precision agriculture to establish “common languages” and “mutual gateways” for the exchange of agronomic and machinery data. The new gateway for AFS Connect and Trimble Connected Farm therefore is a logical step towards further enhanced connectivity and customer value. “Using bi-directional APIs – in a secure environment and only with permission of the customer – data can be exchanged freely between the two systems”, highlights Ulrich Sommer.

Whilst AFS Connect amongst other functions manages data recorded on the respective Case IH machines, Connected Farm manages data of the respective all-makes vehicles with Trimble technology, and can provide external services such as weather information or purchasable services such as satellite imagery. The availability of such data from different sources in one web-based interface will mean significant efficiency increases for customers. ​

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