Increased added value through efficiency boost for the Case IH Quadtrac

09 Nov 2015

Since 1997, tried and tested in a multitude of applications, the 2016 models are even better / Case IH accords the Quadtrac new and significant updates / More benefits in terms of versatility and productivity with the best Quadtrac that has ever existed.

Since the launch of the first prototype back in 1992, the t​ried and tested concept of the Case IH Quadtrac achieves a new high point with the introduction of the latest generation.  Faster, smoother transmission gear shifting plus a new directional shuttle shift which is 40% quicker than previous models. “The net result of this quicker shuttle shift is the capacity to reduced downtime in certain applications explained Mr. Ulrich Sommer, Quadtrac product manager.

Revised 16-speed powershift transmission
Further transmission improvements have increased the overall efficiency rating by between 2 & 5% which will also lead to a potential reduction in fuel consumption. The increased efficiency is down to a number of component and software upgrades including transmission hydraulic control valves, new baffle sump plate with reduced oil drag, new eco tandem transmission pump and routing of the PTO output shaft. 

In approximate terms, the upgrade transmission achieves a 20 percent increase in gear shifting speed from 1st to 16th gear - regardless of whether the driver is changing manually or with the APM, (Automatic Productivity Management) system. For farmers who drive extended distances on public roads, this is a welcome time saver". The shuttle shift is now much faster and its shift action is also smoother, further enhancing the value of the Quadtrac models for 2016: Substantially faster braking to a standstill, faster changes in direction concludes Ulrich Sommer.

LED front and rear lighting packages with up to 44,000 lumen. With the new and optionally available LED lighting packages, Case IH can offer unrivalled night work visibility. The LED performance lighting package comprises six HID-xenon lamps in the radiator grille, four LED lamps in the cab roof at the back and four LED lamps on the rear of the vehicle. As a second package, there is the LED 360° package that also includes an additional four LED lamps two on each side of the cab roof. When the LED package and the LED 360° package are combined, a total of 6 HID xenon and 12 LED lamps are available, delivering a total lighting power of 44 000 lumen. This is sufficient, lighting power to illuminate up to 35 metres to the left and right sides of the vehicle, and up to 40 metres to the rear. 

New steering system
As Quadtrac operators spend many hours driving during peak periods a further enhancement to workplace comfort. The 2016 Quadtracs will be equipped with a new electronic steering system. During field operations, only four complete turns of the steering wheel are required to move from full lock to full lock. Furthermore, the amount effort required to turn the steering has been substantially reduced. Compared to the six complete turns of the steering wheel required in the previous Quadtrac range. This is clearly a beneficial development. At speeds in excess of 35 km/h, the steering system switches automatically from field to road mode; this changeover appears on the screen display in the A-pillar and results in greater steering resistance. This prevents over steer when driving on-road assuring safer, comfortable steering response characteristics.  

Automatic locking differentials on front and rear axles
A core value of the brand philosophy of Case IH is that all tractor models should share the same operating concepts and functionalities; this gives customers the greatest possible amount of flexibility and confidence when switching between different models of tractor. The locking differentials of the 2016 Quadtrac models will be identical in function to the familiar, tried and tested system in the Magnum range, which has been a standard feature of these vehicles. Once engaged, the system remains in operation and assures optimum drive, even in difficult field conditions. The differential locks remain engaged until one of the following occur, service brake actuated, vehicle speed rises above 25 km/h or high steering control pressure or an excessively tight steering lock is recorded. 

"The system works proactively and identifies severe slip in the field, in which case it remains activated. This new functionality increases the beneficial action of the locking differentials and strengthens the advantages of the 4-track concept, particularly under arduous conditions", explained Ulrich Sommer.

Ideal for 'looking back' and for staying precisely on course
The 2016 model year also sees the Quadtrac series equipped with split and electrically adjustable wide-angle mirrors. That not only means that the driver keeps the rear end of the tractor perfectly in sight, but it also makes road journeys towing large implements a much more relaxed and safer proposition. The upper part of the mirror can be adjusted electrically from the driver's seat while the lower segments, a wide-angle mirror, provides a wide angle view.

Finally, another innovation with the Quadtrac in model year 2016 relates to the AccuGuide™ track management system. With new software, after a headland turn, the new track  can be engaged upon faster and more precisely than in the past. This means that the tight turning radius of the Quadtrac (that throws up no mounds in the process) can be utilised even better. It can also reduce the extent of ground ignored or overlooked during headland turns. "In overall terms, this not only leads to greater efficiency and to the optimisation of potential revenues but also increases the convenience of working with this vehicle", stated Ulrich Sommer in conclusion​

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