Case IH Launches “Out in the Field” Web Series

29 Apr 2016

9 Videos to Launch April 25-May 13 Show the Challenges of Modern Farming

Case IH launched the first episode of its new web series on YouTube on April 25.  The series opens with an introduction to farmers from 8 countries around the world. Over the next three weeks, viewers will witness the challenges that these farmers must overcome from field preparation through the harvest.

“The average consumer in the developed world takes food for granted,” says Case IH Brand President Andreas Klauser. “It is readily available, relatively cheap, and there are limitless options at the nearest grocery store. Farmers have become so efficient that in the European Union a mere 5% of the population is employed in growing our food. In the United States, where farms are often larger, only 2% of the population is involved in agriculture. This means that very few people know exactly how their food is grown. We want to tell the story in this web series of how so very few farmers are able to overcome a wide array of challenges to provide a steady supply of food to consumers across the globe.”

To produce the series, film crews traveled to Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Romania, the U.S.A. and Zimbabwe to document life on 10 farms. These farms produce a wide variety of products: sugarcane for ethanol in Zimbabwe, milk for Comté cheese in France, soybeans for food production and animal feed in Brazil and the U.S.A., corn for food production in China, wheat in Australia and Romania, and sugar beets in Germany just to name a few.

“Despite all the differences in farm size, crops, and culture, one thing was the same across all these customers: the pride they take in their daily work and feeding the world. This pride is hard earned. They have so many factors to juggle to bring food to the table and they do this in a very reliable way. As Case IH, we are honored that these farmers are all using our equipment in this noble undertaking,” concludes Klauser.

To view the series, visit the Case IH YouTube channel Case IH Europe

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