New continuously-variable transmission option to help Ukrainian farm businesses enhance efficiency

02 Dec 2016

Case IH introduces CVT to its Ukrainian tractor market product line / Option available across Magnum, Optum and Puma ranges spanning 150-380hp / Magnum 380, new Optum 270 and 300 tractors and Puma 225 supplied with CVT as standard / Introduction marks evolving demand for higher specification, enhanced operator comfort and improved fuel economy

The efficiency gains and comfort benefits offered by Case IH’s CVT continuously-variable transmission are now available to farm businesses in Ukraine, with CVT being introduced as an alternative to the standard powershift on high-horsepower Case IH tractors for this key market. The move recognises the rapidly-evolving nature of the machinery sector in the country, with both owners and operators demanding more from their equipment.

New to the Ukrainian market is the Puma 225, which will feature the CVT transmission as standard, and at 225hp is now the largest tractor in the Puma line. Also introduced with CVT as standard are the new 270hp and 300hp Optum tractors, while topping the line of Case IH tractors with standard CVT is the newly-introduced 380hp Magnum 380 that is now the flagship of the Magnum range.

“Magnum tractors have proven particularly popular on Ukrainian farm enterprises, where power to pull wide implements, ease-of-use to suit a range of operator experience, and reliability to ensure minimal downtime and operating cost are essential to produce the workrates necessary to cover the country’s vast fields,” says Dan Stuart, Case IH high-hp tractor product marketing manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“This is a market that has a unique set of requirements, blending the typical needs of European, North American and CIS farm businesses. With the addition of a CVT option to the Magnum range, we have sharpened our focus on addressing those particular requirements.

“Firstly, there are significant fuel consumption advantages. Depending on what the work in hand requires, the tractor’s software can be set to provide fully flexible operation, controling the engine speed and transmission to ensure rpm or forward speed are maintained regardless of ground conditions. That means fuel use is always at its optimum in relation to the work being done. It also results in excellent consistency of work, particularly with implements such as cultivators, drills and seeders.

“There are also significant comfort benefits, with no need to physically select gears and a smooth progression of speed from 0-40km/hr. In this respect, CVT also brings similar benefits for road travel between farms and fields.” 

Case IH is also introducing CVT as standard on the new high power, light weight 270 and 300hp Optum tractors, and on the flagship tractor in the Puma range, the 225.

“The market in Ukraine is evolving rapidly, and customer feedback has told us CVT is one of the key features they want to see on high-hp Case IH tractors, primarily because of the comfort and economy it offers,” says Mr Stuart.

“That led us to run trial CVT tractors in the country last year to provide a thorough test of the demands Ukrainian agriculture places on this type of transmission. The results showed that Case IH CVT is more than a match for those demands, and the workrates and fuel efficiencies achieved show the greater investment necessary when specifying a CVT over a powershift is quickly repaid. The market is evolving, and farm businesses are leading the way by creating a pull for greater technology that enhances precision and fuel economy. With the new Case IH CVT options, we can offer everything from standard models to this premium CVT specification.

“The value of this development to the efficiency of Ukrainian agriculture has been recognised by the organisers of Ukraine’s InterAGRO show, most recently held during November 2016, where Case IH CVT tractors were awarded gold (Optum 300 CVT) and bronze (Magnum Rowtrac 380 CVT) prizes in the ‘multipurpose tractors’ category of the InterAGRO Innovation Awards.”

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