Case IH launches precision farming updates at Agritechnica 2017

06 Sep 2017

ISOBUS Class III offers ability for implement to control tractor operation and feedback data / AFS 700 terminal and Multicontroller armrest functions can be configured to suit operator preferences / AccuTurn automates headland turning / New tramline function for AccuGuide

Case IH is to use Agritechnica 2017 to launch a number of introductions and upgrades for its suite of precision farming technology products, including ISOBUS Class III, which allows ISOBUS-compatible implements to feed back to the tractor and control key functions, and the ability to configure controls according to operator preference.

ISOBUS Class III boosts tractor/implement combination productivity

Puma Multicontroller and Puma CVX tractors with ISOBUS Class III now make possible two-way data transfer between the tractor and any compatible implement. This not only allows implement features to be controlled via the AFS 700 terminal screen, but also allows the implement to feed back information that can then control tractor settings such as forward speed, resulting in optimum performance in operations such as baling. The Class III system also enables, for example, the baler to direct the tractor’s steering along the swath, to ensure an even intake and a perfectly-formed bale.

It is now possible, via the AFS 700 terminal screen, to quickly and easily configure all buttons on the Multicontroller – apart from those that operate the transmission – plus the remote valve paddle switches and the remote valve joystick, to operate ISOBUS implements as desired. This has been done to allow operators to create a set of controls that suit their particular requirements and circumstances.

Automatic headland turns for precise entry into each pass

New Case IH AccuTurn automates headland turning, taking control of headland steering to guide the tractor accurately into the next chosen pass, and thereby improving driver comfort when performing repetitive tasks during long working days.

Enhancing the existing AccuGuide auto-steering system, it ensures headland steering is as accurate as that in the rest of the field. Working with both trailed and mounted implements, the system allows adjustment of parameters such as headland width, curve shape when turning and turn starting point. The distance until the turn begins is displayed on the AFS terminal screen, and operation of the system can be commenced once the HMC II headland management system has completed its activities, such as raising the implement out of work and disengaging 4wd. Activated with an unlock code from the local dealership, AccuTurn also works with all previous AccuGuide systems using AFS 700 terminals.

New tramline function feature for AccuGuide

There is now no need for tractor operators to count tramline numbers when drilling, thanks to new 3D field maps displayed on the AFS 700 terminal. Passes in which a tramline was set, or requires setting, are colour-coded, and it is now possible to make simultaneous use of swath skipping and tramline functions.

New guidance pattern feature for headland corners

Traditionally, automatic guidance systems have rounded-off field corners, with 90-degree corners requiring manual steering. A new corner function makes it now possible to work right into corners, and create 90-degree corners, with on-screen A-B lines extending beyond the field boundaries. In this way, it automatically ensures maximum use of available land. The AccuGuide steering system is activated immediately the implement engages in work in a headland corner.

AFS 700 terminal now compatible with Shape File data

Field boundaries can now also be imported in Shape File format. Different types of Shape File data, such as application maps for drilling, fertilising or spraying, can be produced externally and imported via USB, eliminating the need to produce an entirely new file using desktop software.

With ISOBUS devices, it is possible to use the Section Control function single-handed, making the setting process simpler and saving  time, with no documentation required by the ISOBUS Task Controller. When the headland is used to the full, the automatic Section Control function ensures precision operation.

New AccuStar GNSS receiver

The established ElectriSteer universal auto-steer motor is targeted primarily at older tractors and combines, and at small tractors not supplied guidance-ready, and can work in conjunction with the AFS 700 terminal. It can now be used with the new AccuStar receiver, offering four accuracy levels: Egnos (20cm), AFS 1 (15cm), AFS 2 (5cm) and RTK+ (2.5cm). To use the RTK+ level the signal must be supplied via a mobile phone network. Case IH offers its own RTK+ network across many European countries. AccuStar uses exclusive ‘Glide’ technology to boost Egnos signal performance and pass-to-pass accuracy via a position smoothening feature. The AccuStar receiver can also be used as a reliable positioning source for mapping or section control.

AFS Connect telematics

The 'Fleet History Map' depiction of vehicle positions through the AFS Connect telematics system now shows direction of travel and, using colour codes, the activity being carried out. This allows the owner, operator and, where relevant, dealer, to understand the tractor’s activities and settings. Should they wish, customers can now provide their dealers with telemetry data, enabling enhanced customer support. Two-way data transfer is now possible for all supported file formats (.cn1, ISOXML), while Shape File application maps can also be transmitted via the portal to the AFS 700 terminal.

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