New Case IH Farmall A tractors are ideal for loader operations and livestock applications

06 Sep 2017

Newly-announced Case IH Farmall A leads a line-up of products which are ideally suited to loader and livestock applications. The combination of a four-post cab, new styling and price makes the Farmall A an attractive proposition as a multi-task second tractor on the farm.

Case IH has announced three new multi-task tractors, the 55hp Farmall 55A, 65hp Farmall 65A and 75hp Farmall 75A, which are light, highly manoeuvrable, easy to use and maintain, with low running costs.

The design, specification, performance and practicality of these new models make them ideal for loader, livestock and municipal applications, as well as for other land-based businesses which require a low-cost, attractive, versatile tractor for general tasks such as spraying, mowing and front-end loader work

Attractively-styled, with a sloping bonnet which provides excellent forward visibility, all are available in two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive form, with a spacious, comfortable CAB or ROPS, and options which enables customers to tailor the specification to their exact requirements.

Optimum Engine Performance

2.9-litre turbocharged/intercooled engines developed by FPT now achieve maximum power at just 1900rpm and maintain it up to rated speed of 2300rpm, providing a 400rpm-wide Constant Power band, while peak torque is produced at 1400rpm.

These characteristics make the Farmall A very easy to operate, allowing forward speed to be maintained even on gradients during road transport operations, as well as during low-speed, high-draft applications in the field.

All incorporate a maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) which helps to meet Stage IIIB emission standards without the use of Diesel Emission Fluid (AdBlue), while the class-leading 600-hour oil change interval minimises servicing costs.

Two exhaust styles are available, either a vertical system which is aligned with the cab A post to maximise forward visibility or a horizontal system for use in situations where height is restricted, or in orchards. 

Choice of Transmissions

The standard transmission on two-wheel-drive models is a 30 kph 12 x 12 Mech-Shuttle, while four-wheel-drive models are equipped with a 40 kph 12 x 12 Mech-Shuttle. The optional 40 kph 20 x 20 Creeper transmission provides a minimum forward speed of just 110m/h, perfect for tasks such as precision seeding and spraying.

The optional Powershuttle offers clutch-less operation, making this reliable, easy-to-operate system ideal for tasks which require frequent changes of direction.

All Farmall A tractors feature a Case IH front axle which is three-point linkage and loader-ready, enabling these to be fitted quickly, easily and at minimum cost. The rear axle, which has a maximum capacity of 3700kg, incorporates a mechanically-engaged differential lock and oil-immersed disc brakes which deliver powerful deceleration. The standard hydraulic trailer braking system provides excellent performance, but a pneumatic system can be specified.

The rear three-point linkage sets a benchmark for this class of tractor, providing a maximum lift capacity of 3000kg when an assister ram is fitted. The hydraulic linkage can be operated in four, simple-to-select modes (draft, position, mixed and float), while drop speed remains constant regardless of the load being carried. A new fast lower/raise facility is optional, providing safe, easy raise/lower control at the headland.

The new Farmall A models feature a fully-independent 540rpm, six-spline unit, with the option of 540/540E and 540/540E plus ground speed units.

Quiet, Comfortable Cab

Providing outstanding all-round visibility through a class-leading 5m2 glass area, the four-post, flat-floor cab offers a quiet, comfortable and relaxing working environment for the operator.

Meeting FOPS and Level 2 dust protection standards, it incorporates a high-visibility roof panel which makes loader work much easier and is hinged at the rear to provide additional ventilation. The cab also features a single-piece rear window that opens to almost 90°, two front and two rear work lights, two wide-view external mirrors and a rotary beacon.

Access to the cab is made easy by large, non-slip steps, conveniently-located grab handles and wide-opening doors, while inside the tilting steering column, ergonomic control layout and choice of seating options ensure a comfortable driving position. A radio with Bluetooth connectivity is included in the specification.

The standard Air-Climate system maintains an uncontaminated environment, when the windows and doors are kept closed, while the standard roof-mounted heater unit with adjustable outlet vents optimises the environment. Full air conditioning can be specified as an option.

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