Case IH wins three prestigious awards at the TECHAGRO 2018 international exhibition in Czech Republic

16 Apr 2018

Awards for: Quadtrac CVX provides “smooth shifting… and for the first time 100% mechanical power transfer below 10 km/h” / Maxxum ActiveDrive 8’s transmission an excellent intermediate step  /  Magnum Rowtrac offers real agronomic design.

Case IH’s Quadtrac CVX, Maxxum and Magnum Rowtrac tractors each received awards at the TECHAGRO show, recently (8th-12th April 2018). Held in Brno, Czech Republic, it is one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in Europe, hosting over 110,000 visitors.

‘GRAND PRIX TECHAGRO 2018’ goes to Quadtrac CVX
91 entries competed for the show’s Grand Prix, assessed by an eighteen-member jury, with 12 winners across tillage equipment, harvesting, dairy equipment, monitors and tractors. Case IH received its Grand Prix for the Quadtrac CVX, presented by Jiří Mílek, Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, and Jiří Kuliš, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trade Fairs Brno.

“CASE IH Quadtrac CVX is based on the worldwide successful four-track Quadtrac tractor but equipped with CVX continuous variable transmission,” said the jury’s statement. “The proven concept of four independent track units together with the articulated system delivers maximum traction with minimum negative soil compaction. CVX transmission with four mechanical ranges allows smooth shifting up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h and 18 km/h in reverse. For the first time 100% mechanical power transfer takes place is below 10 km/h, matching heavy draft application requirements. The transmission is equipped with an APM productivity management system that can optimally match engine speeds and gears to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption. This makes the tractor ideal for tillage, soil preparation, drilling, planting or pulling a chaser bin.“

Silver medal for the new Maxxum ActiveDrive 8
Judges from Agricultural Weekly and Agromachinery Magazine awarded their Silver Medal to the new Maxxum ActiveDrive 8 for its revolutionary transmission with double clutch technology.

Maxxum ActiveDrive 8 is a new variant of Case IH’s successful Maxxum tractor range - a good choice for private farmers and for lighter work at large agricultural farms. It features a new design with dynamic curves and powerful LED lights to illuminate the work area of the machine through 360 degrees. ActiveDrive 8 offers 24 x 24 semi-powershift transmission which provides eight powershift steps in each of three ranges fully shifted under load. ActiveDrive 8 is an excellent intermediate step between the mechanical Powershift transmission and CVX continuous variable transmission. ActiveDrive 8 features a number of advanced features such as smart range shift, smooth shift, brake-to-clutch and kick-down functions.

The judges applauded this revolutionary technology, which brings farmers maximum comfort and simplicity. Most important, it helps to save fuel, making the new Maxxum 9.5% more economical than its closest rival in its category.

‘Special Attention’ award for Magnum Rowtrac
Agricultural Weekly and Agromachinery Magazine gave their ‘Special Attention’ prize to the Magnum Rowtrac tractor, Case IH’s unique combination of conventional front wheels and a tracked rear axle.

Compared with a standard wheeled tractor, the Magnum Rowtrac offers around 45% higher contact area and low soil pressure of only 58 kPa, meaning higher tractive power and lower soil compaction. The front steering axle provides perfect, gentle steering and turning on headlands without the soil disturbance experienced by twin track tractors.

 “These prestigious awards are the result of several years of effort and development by the Case IH brand,” said Ondřej Adamčík of importer Agri CS. We are delighted that these individual awards reflect its motto: ‘For those who demand more’ “.

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