Case IH presents the new Magnum CVX

31 Jul 2014

Magnum 2015 series – The High-Efficiency Solution

  • New model line-up with a power of up to 435 hp.
  • New FPT 8.7 litre engine Hi-eSCR aftertreatment system meets European Stage IV exhaust emission regulation.

Since Magnum was launched onto the market in 1987, these tractors have been considered a benchmark worldwide when it comes to maximum traction, high engine power and reliability. More than 150,000 Magnum tractors have been produced since its introduction and are being used in arable regions throughout the world. Case IH will be revealing the 2015 model of this legendary tractor at the end of 2014.

Case IH is presenting a new model line-up: with the models Magnum 250, 280, 310, 340 and 380, engine power ratings of 250 to 380 hp are being made available. The top model, the Magnum 380, has a maximum power of 435 hp when using the Magnum’s power boost feature.

The new Magnum features an 8.7 litre "Cursor 9" engine from FPT Industrial which is equipped with the Hi-eSCR system and meets European Stage IV (Tier 4 Final) exhaust emission regulations. The Hi-eSCR system is a further development of the SCR solution used for Stage IIIB. The SCR solution has proven very successful with simplicity of design, great fuel efficiency and with a best in class engine oil change interval of 600 hours.

Performance at lower engine speeds
On all models − except the 250 − the wastegate turbocharger is replaced by an eVGT, an electronically variable geometry turbocharger. This helps the engine power and torque characteristics at lower engine speeds with a peak torque of 1,850 Nm between 1,300 and 1,400 rpm on the Magnum 380 model.

Efficiency achieved with ease
The new Magnum range offers a wide range of transmission options including Full Power Shift and CVX in both 40 ECO and 50 KPH versions.

With efficiency in mind the Magnum CVX transmission has 4 mechanical ranges, providing more mechanical efficiency than other transmissions with fewer ranges; this design allows for 50 KPH at 1,400 rpm reducing costs during transport operations. The Magnum includes Automatic Productivity Management (APM) used on other Case IH CVX tractors, and the dual hand throttle enabling the operator to set minimum and maximum engine speeds.

The Magnum CVX transmission is easy to use with seamless power transfer from 0 – 50 KPH without the need of a lever or switch. The operator can also pre-set 3 adjustable target speeds within this speed range to set the optimum speed for a given operation. Active Hold Control is a feature that prevents the tractor from rolling back when stopping on a hill, and which allows for pulling away again without having to use clutch or brakes. To reduce operator fatigue, Headland Management Control (HMC) allows the operator to record headland functions, thus making repetitive field applications as efficient as possible.

New styling
The new Magnum takes a different look to the previous generation of Magnum tractors with a new roof design including an increased number of working lights making the biggest visual change. In addition, the engine air intake system has been relocated to the left hand cab A-post area for better air cleaning performance in dusty environments, as air at the top left corner of the cab is the most dust and dirt free due to engine cooling fan dynamics. More visually-subtle changes will also be noted on the left with completely new fuel and DEF tanks with padlock-type caps that have been styled into the design to give the tractor a higher-quality look. On the right, the steps have been moulded into the fuel tank for ease of access to clean cab windows. Integrated handrails aid in ascending the steps and provide support and stability once the top of the sturdy platform covering the right tank has been reached.

Comfortable cab
Operator comfort and efficiency have not been forgotten either. New features include an improved 360-degree lighting package with 14 LED and 3 HID strategically placed working lights which increase the lighting capacity by 60% and allow for comfortable and safe night-time operations. An improved high-end leather seating option with both heated and ventilation options are coupled to an updated Multicontroller with improved comfort and backlit buttons.

The latest Surveyor cab provides a space of 3.1 m3​ – roomy and comfortable with 6.4 m2 of glass providing 360-degree visibility and an industry-leading 67 dBA cab noise level, allowing the operator to make any phones calls via the fully integrated Bluetooth radio.

Overall suspension concept
The Magnum has pulled out all the stops with its five point suspension package. Front axle suspension with 100mm of travel for keeping all your tires on the ground is crucial for stability and efficient performance of your tractor. The cab suspension reduces vibration, and stabilises the cab front-to-back as well as up-and-down. Five settings for optimum ride quality are available, and a semi active seat automatically controls the damping of the seat inside the cab. Suspension is provided when carrying implements on the road by a ride accumulator for the front linkage and automatically on the rear linkage.

Advanced farming
Case IH recognise that precision farming is a very important conside​ration for a tractor of this size, and this aspect has not been forgotten. Under the "AFS" banner the Magnum is available with the integrated AccuGuide automated guidance solution. This takes the correction information from the 372 antenna compatible with both GLONASS/GPS satellite systems. The 372 antenna includes xFill technology which improves reliability with an automatic back-up for up to 20 minutes if the RTK signal is lost. AFS Connect Telematics is available as an optional kit and uses a combination of global positioning system and cellular technology to send and receive machine, agronomic and job-site information.

Case IH is also entering the tracked market for this HP segment and is the first to offer integrated rear track design. The "Magnum Rowtrac" uses Quadtrac experience and knowhow decided to keep with Case IH’s design philosophy and keep four contact points on the ground by keeping a suspended front axle with wheels reduces soil disturbance and means that drive is not broken when steering, differential locks can still be engaged when additional traction is required.

Several track belt options will be available including 16", 18", 24", and 30" which can be fitted on a machine for 76", 80", 88", and 120" row spacings. With the suspended front axle help ride with 4 contact points on the ground, there is less forward / rearward roll compared to some other tracked machines.

The Magnum CVX will available from the third quarter of 2015 whilst the Rowtrac version of the Magnum is expected to be available at the end of the same year.

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