20 Oct 2022

​Puma and Maxxum Multicontroller and CVXDrive versions get new monitor / 12", high-er resolution, AEF ISOBUS-certified / faster hardware, more storage capacity / 2023 Model Year.

For its 2023 model year, Case IH will introduce the new AFS Pro 700 Plus 12" touchscreen monitors to the Multicontroller and CVXDrive versions of its Maxxum and Puma 150-175 models. With faster hardware, more memory and a higher storage capacity, the monitors al-so have a higher screen resolution and glare protection, and connection options for up to 4 external cameras.


Wide range of options

The touchscreen monitor, like its predecessor, is AEF-ISOBUS-compatible and can be posi-tioned either on the Multicontroller armrest or on the baler-bar. The display layout of the AFS Pro 700 Plus can be configured to suit the operator’s preferences. As well as machine settings and information, the monitor also manages the tractor's numerous digital functions, such as transmission, PTO, hydraulic settings and the Case IH AccuGuide steering system.

Using the HMC II headland management system, you can store tricky headland manoeu-vres easily and conveniently using time, route or trigger points, and automatically replay them as a sequence. Better still, combining the functions of AccuGuide and HMC II, Accu-Turn Pro starts these sequences automatically, including the turning process itself.

As an option, the same Maxxum and Puma models can also be fitted with telematics. Using its integrated online connection, the driver and farm manager can see and record ISOBUS data from the attachments such as condition, throughput and location. More importantly they can share data across to other tractors in a field using AccuSync.


Real-time farm management with AccuSync

The AccuSync function smoothly synchronises Case IH machines fitted with the existing AFS Pro 700 or new AFS 700 Plus monitors. Farmer managers, operators and contractors can exchange and apply up-to-the-minute area maps, waylines and boundaries (in-side/outside) between several machines working the same field. As soon as the job is set up on the display, the telematics modem sends it to the cloud, making it available to other vehicles in the fleet. Drivers in secondary vehicles can see these jobs then download and use them in their own vehicles – and each job can be accessed by up to 6 vehicles at a time.

Christel Diebolt, Product Marketing Manager for Maxxum, said: “The new Case IH Pro 700 Plus monitor offers customers and operators a faster, sharper and more flexible display that, in combination with features such as AccuSync, will improve uptime and the quick, reliable transfer of data between farm field and tractor.”

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