New Maxxum range: Improved right across the board!

26 Jul 2016

The latest generation of the exceedingly popular and successful Case IH Maxxum series is celebrating its market launch. With Maxxum, Maxxum Multicontroller (MC) and Maxxum CVX, a comprehensive model range for the medium performance segment is at the starting blocks. Each series is fielding four models with four-cylinder engines rated at between 115 and 145 hp, available for all three model variants.  In addition, the Maxxum 150 and the Maxxum 150 MC can be equipped with six-cylinder engines and a nominal rating of 145 hp. The two six-cylinder models will take the first step towards launching the model change in July 2016 and by the end of the first quarter of 2017 all other models are scheduled to follow this lead. With maximum boost power ratings of 145, 155, 168 and 175 hp as well as 179 hp for the six-cylinder models, these new Maxxum tractors are genuine power packs.

Fresh, dynamic design - and much more!
The Maxxum commands immediate respect with its fresh, dynamic design lines from bonnet to cab roof. Here, the new configuration of driving lights and work lights provides excellent all-round lighting. The front windscreen is now a single unit and, combined with the high-view window, this delivers perfect forward visibility during front loader work. With diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) the Maxxum series also remains true to the Case IH Efficient Power concept - delivering fantastic fuel efficiency, low emissions and great economy. Not only that, but Case IH engineers have devised a wide range of innovations to meet customer wishes, and they have given careful consideration to further development and improvement of the entire series.   The uprated front axle suspension, various seat options and the upgraded steering wheel provide great ride comfort and convenience. Then, during daily workplace operations, the ISOBUS Class II on the Maxxum CVX and Class III on the HMC II headland management system greatly simplify things for the driver.

Improved from the viewpoint of the user
The interior design of the Maxxum cab is an accurate translation of the Case IH philosophy: to create the most quiet, comfortable and intuitively operated workplace possible for the driver. There are good reasons why the cab in the Maxxum series is the best in its class in terms of comfort and spaciousness. The standard seat can be replaced by the optional Deluxe Comfort and Deluxe Leather versions. A second pressure accumulator on the front axle delivers enhanced spring action. This makes the vehicle more comfortable when driving on roads, and delivers tangible improvements to traction during fieldwork. The cab suspension system continues to contribute towards ride comfort, as does the extended wheelbase of the Maxxum models, now measuring 2.642 metres. The familiar tight turning circle is not affected by these enhancements.

Powerful details
There are many and varied new features on the Maxxum series including the rear mudguards. These extend over the tyres completely, and it is now also possible to fit 650/65R38 tyres. With a permitted gross weight of 9.5 tons, the Maxxum can also tow big heavy attachments effortlessly. The electronic vibration suppression system prohibits any see-saw motion of attachments in the rear hydraulics. Another clever detail is that the control units are now located to left and right of the upper control arm, making them easier to access. In addition, the covers of the control units are colour-coded to make them simple to identify. The Maxxum is the cost-effective entry-level model, equipped with up to four mechanical control units. However, the Maxxum MC and the Maxxum CVX have electrical control units and the well-proven Multicontroller armrest. All Maxxum models can be equipped with the full range of lighting options up to and including the 360° LED package, which provides daytime-quality illumination even during the hours of darkness.

Turning power into performance
The Maxxum four-cylinder models are equipped with a 4.5 litre NEF engine and the six-cylinder models with a 6.7 litre NEF engine - both manufactured by FPT Industrial. These power packages comply with the EU's Level IV exhaust emissions standard with the Hi-eSCR only package. They therefore do not need to have a special particulate filter, and deliver optimum economy and performance combined with remarkable fuel efficiency and correspondingly impressive environmental credentials. The Maxxum and the Maxxum MC deliver engine power efficiently to the ground, either using a 16 x 16 (17 x 16) four-range Semi-Powershift or a 32 x 32 transmission with crawler ratio.
The Maxxum CVX is supplied with an impressive continuously variable transmission (CVT), automatic productivity management and ECO Drive and further improvements to fuel efficiency; the new flagship model is the Maxxum 145 CVX. The engine brake, used on the Maxxum for the first time, protects the brakes when driving on roads. Another important feature is that  the large fuel tanks have capacities of 195 (standard) and 220 litres (optional) on the Maxxum and 220 (standard) respectively, and 230 litres (optional) on the Maxxum MC and the Maxxum CVX. These fuel tanks, combined with the 39.5 litre capacity of the urea tank, enables them to engage in long and productive working days in the fields.

Of course, the Case IH Maxxum models also incorporate the benefits of Advanced Farming Systems (AFS), one example being the various lane tracking solutions. Maxxum MC and Maxxum CVX models are pre-equipped ex-factory for AFS™ AccuGuide and are fitted with an AFS Pro 700™ monitor. This means that, even before delivery to the customers, the fully automatic and fully integrated GPS/GLONASS lane tracking system can be installed by the dealerships. This, when combined with a locally available RTK+ signal, delivers repeatable precision to within the nearest 2.5 cm. With the integrated xFill App the system can even override any failure of the local signal station for up to 20 minutes.
The HMC II headland management system from Case IH leads this sector and is intuitive to use. When installed on the Maxxum models, it enables working steps to be recorded, improved and automated when performing headland turns. This greatly relieves the workload of the driver, and assures tangible improvements in productivity. The equipment with ISOBUS Class III, available only on the Maxxum CVX models, takes all of this one step further. Compatible attachments can control individual functions of the tractor, such as its forward speed, PTO speed or operation of its rear hitch. This provides a further boost for performance, productivity and daily output levels.

Flexible, all the way from A to Z
All Maxxum models are available pre-equipped for the operation of a front loader, so are able to deliver greater flexibility to farmwork. Here, the wider front loader frame and the new single-section front windscreen provide superlative visibility of the implements and working area. The steering lock of just 43° (with a front tyre dimension of 480/65R28) equips the Maxxum with a turning radius of 5.5 metres, making this an exceptionally manoeuvrable and versatile tractor. The nozzle located on the wiper arm of the front windscreen maintains 'optimum sight of the job in hand', even under very dusty conditions.

The new Case IH Maxxum at a glance
• Dynamic new design
• New flagship model, the Maxxum 145 CVX
• The most spacious cab in its class, with single-section windscreen and high-view roof for optimum overview of front loader operations
• Maximum comfort with front axle and cab suspension as well as different seat variants in the quiet cab
• Ergonomically designed Multicontroller armrest for easy operation
• Perfect 360° illumination with up to 16 LED worklights
• High efficiency and low fuel consumption, achieved with Efficient Power, DOC and Hi-eSCR
• Now available with new, wider front loader links for maximum flexibility during front loader operations.
• Up to three PTO speeds are available
• ISOBUS Class II or Class III on the Maxxum CVX
• HMC II Headland Management for relaxed and efficient workplace operations
• New positioning of control units with colour-coded covers to make them easier to identify
• Maxxum MC and Maxxum CVX models are pre-equipped ex-factory for AFS™ AccuGuide, and are fitted with an AFS Pro 700™ monitor.

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