New name stands for significant innovations and for the 'step up' to emissions level IV compliance

26 Jul 2016

​The new Case IH Luxxum is nothing short of a miracle of versatility. This tractor has been designed for mixed and arable farming operations and it introduces a wide range of innovative details. "The innovations, for example, in the transmission and the front axle suspension, and compliance with the Level IV emissions standard, are just three of the many developmental steps that make the new Luxxum such a convincing product", explained Remo Müller, the EMEA Product Marketing Manager.

An overview of the Luxxum
This new series fields three models, with power ratings of 99, 107 and 117 hp, an automated 32 x 32 powershift transmission and a powershuttle with three 'aggression levels'. The engines comply with the EU's Level IV emissions standard. A new design of front axle suspension is available as an optional extra for the Luxxum. An 80 l CCLS pump enables the hydraulics to deliver plenty of power. There is also the optional extra of a Power Beyond connection. The fuel and urea tanks can hold 150 and 14 litres respectively. This, combined with the superlative fuel efficiency of the Luxxum, means that it can work very long days without the need for a refuelling stop. Another important point for everyone concerned is that you can carry out all of your own maintenance work. The Luxxum is designed to make maintenance as easy as possible, which means you can spend your working time in the farmyard or out in the fields, rather than tackling maintenance work.

Luxxum The model of efficiency!
FPT Industrial engines, with their proven track record, deliver the power that drives Luxxum tractors. With the patented Hi-eSCR only exhaust gas treatment system, these engines deliver robust performance and plenty of torque, coupled with efficient use of fuel and AdBlue. The Level IV emissions standard is achieved without the exhaust gas treatment system. The revised and automated 32 x 32 4-stage powershift transmission with Powershuttle delivers an ideal performance curve for versatile everyday requirements.

Luxxum The model of versatility!
The new Luxxum models are designed for maximum versatility. The frame is compact, meaning that the tractor is highly manoeuvrable in confined spaces, whether working in animal sheds or around the farmyard. The Luxxum is also exceptionally rugged and durable. It cuts a great figure for itself with any task you call upon it to perform - whether with the front loader, with attachments on the rear hydraulics or with towed implements. Superlative visibility from the cab complements its role as a 'model of versatility', during farmyard work and when working in the fields. The one-section front windscreen and the high-view roof also provide unrestricted visibility of the working area when the front loader is in operation. With the new front axle suspension and the updated transmission with Powershuttle, the Luxxum is a genuine 'load master'.

Luxxum – a friend to the operator!
The Luxxum also raises the bar in terms of ease of use. After taking on board views and tips from customers around the globe, the proven and exceptionally highly thought of operating concept with the Multicontroller armrest was developed yet further and optimised to suit the practical requirements of farm businesses. As a result, the individual operating elements on this vehicle are grouped together in a simple, intuitively understandable and usable concept. With it, even drivers new to the Luxxum can get to grips immediately with work on this vehicle, efficiently and without any stress. The effective suspension and noise insulation in the cab and the optional suspension on the front axle create an exceptionally comfortable working environment. This is the key to spending stress-free and productive days at work.

Attractive performance levels from compact dimensions
Tractor made by Case IH have a tradition of continuous innovation, high performance and reliability coupled with outstanding cost-effectiveness. The Luxxum remains true to this tradition, with a level of equipment and rugged durability to match its larger brand brethren. The most powerful Luxxum model has an engine rating of slightly less than 120 hp and this, together with its increased payload, underscores why it befits this tractor to assume the role of a premium model. The Luxxum is therefore aimed at farm managers who have the personal experience to appreciate the fruits of hard labour. Just like their professional colleagues in larger farms, they also need to have reliable, versatile, comfortable and powerful tractors - but simply need them to have more compact dimensions, suitable for meeting the requirements and conditions of their farms. This is precisely the kind of performance that the new Case IH Luxxum promises to deliver.

The new Case IH Luxxum delivers conviction
• Efficient operation with the automated 32 x 32 4-range powershift transmission with Powershuttle
• Powerful engines with 99, 107 and 117 hp power ratings and emissions level IV,  thanks to Hi-eSCR without exhaust gas treatment
• Front loader joystick with transmission functions
• Ergonomically designed Multicontroller armrest with joystick for the front loader
• Front axle suspension and cab for optimum ride comfort
• Standard 4x PTO shaft for maximum versatility
• Electronic front hitch control with implement relief for reliable and ground-protecting work on steep slopes and undulating terrain
• ISOBUS II for greater flexibility and efficiency
• Driving fuel-efficiently at 40 km/h at 1730 rpm

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