Quantum V/F

The new Quantum F and V are designed to satisfy the most demanding professional fruit and vineyard growers. A powerful machine with advanced technical solutions and driving comfort makes long working days in vineyards and orchards a joy.

Rated Power

80 -120 HP




3,600 cm³

Maximum Pump Flow Rate

64 or 82 l/min

Next generation comfort and versatility

In developing the new Quantum F and V, Case IH engineers paid careful attention to maintaining the typical widths of the previous Tier 4A machine models. Compared to the previous models, visability has been greatly improved as well as emphasizing the comfort and interior space in the cab.

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  • The redesigned operator workstation helps you to make the most of long working days. A new pedal layout, flat cab floor and optimized driver’s seat position provide best-in-class headroom and more space to stretch your legs.

  • In the new Quantum F / V tractors, a simple switch allows standard level 2 filtration to be changed to level 4 filtration when spraying, protecting you against dust, liquid fertilisers and their vapours.

  • The new FPT F5 3.6L engine offers more power and 5% higher torque without impairing the crucial requirements of a specialised tractor: maneuverability and superior visibility. These high-performance units are available from 75 to 120 hp to deliver best performance while keeping running costs low. The most economical 75 hp model, powered by a 3.4 L 2 valve engine, comes without AdBlue.

  • The load sensing hydraulic system is fitted with two independent gear pumps capable of delivering up to 80 l/min for the main pump and 36 l/min for a dedicated steering pump.

  • The new Case IH Quantum F / V comes with technologies you’d expect in a high horsepower tractor. Developed for specialist producers looking for a powerful and fuel-efficient tractor, the new series combines excellent cab comfort and straightforward operation with a new flagship model expanding the range up to 120 hp.

  • The self-levelling front axle with 70 mm suspension provides the same levels of ride comfort to the specialty tractor sector that operators of larger models in the Case IH range already enjoy.

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