Harvesting Solutions

Increase your harvesting potential thanks to our advanced technologies that allow you to get the maximum out of your working day.

Harvesting Solutions

Save Time, Reduce Costs and Maximize Your Yield in the Field

Harvest is your one and only shot to monitor, map and evaluate data about your crops’ performance. You need intuitive solutions that help you gather valuable crop information right away, and that’s what AFS provides. You can immediately analyse the performance of different seed varieties and, most importantly, you have a system and support team designed to fit the way you farm. Case IH harvesting solutions and mapping tools deliver all your needs.

  • AFS Harvest Command

    Available with the Axial-Flow® 250 series combine, this advanced technology simplifies harvest by proactively sensing and optimising machine settings to maximize grain quality and grain savings. AFS Harvest Command requires much less knowledge about harvesting to achieve great results! AFS Harvest Command provides:

    • Higher revenue from your crop
    • Low running cost
    • Reduce operator fatigue
    • Easiness even for inexperienced operators
  • AFS RowGuide™

    AFS RowGuide™ represents a new level of simplicity, control, and precision when it comes to harvesting. By ensuring and maintaining accurate row positioning in ever-changing harvest conditions, the Case IH solutions can deliver an impressive return on investment. Two sensors are mounted on corresponding corn head row dividers which continuously monitor the position of the crop and gather data from a single row entering the header. The information will automatically guide the machine to ensure true perpendicular entry even in poor visibility or at high speeds.

    The Row Guidance system can also be linked to the GPS positioning system, AFS AccuGuide, which can distinguish between cut and uncut rows, to facilitate night-time harvesting and advanced harvesting activities such as skip row functionality.