Austoft 4000 Sugarcane Harvesters

The new Case IH Austoft 4000 is here. It is a compact harvester designed especially to make it possible to streamline the harvesting process in sugarcane fields that use reduced row spacings from 1.2 meters.


169 - 125 HP/KW


Turbo / Aftercooler


1,200 mm


16 Km/h

Watch the new Austoft 4000 Series Sugar Cane Harvester in action

The high performance provided by Case IH sugarcane harvesters results from 75 years of knowledge and experience in the sector, making it the leader in production and sales of equipment for mechanized sugarcane harvesting.

Explore the Features

  • The Austoft 4000 is smaller in size compared to conventional models and is easy to move between cane fields. Designed with the same functional concept as the A7000 Series harvesters, many of its parts are interchangeable with other Case IH sugarcane harvester models. This characteristic significantly increases the machine’s cost-benefit.

  • Working in row spacings from 1.2 meters, this harvester is narrow enough to harvest one row without compacting the root zone of the adjacent cane row. It is compact, light, has excellent manoeuvrability and an excellent base cut resulting in reduced cane loss and increased productivity in subsequent ratoon crops. The Austoft 4000 is designed to harvest crops up to 85 tons per hectare.

  • The Austoft 4000 was designed to make maintenance simple. The engine, hydraulic system, and industrial components are easily accessible, streamlining the machine preventive maintenance, which in turn increases the machine’s availability.

  • Designed for maximum performance, the Austoft 4000 demonstrates its versatility by harvesting both in sugarcane fields with reduced spacings of 1.2 meters as well as in sugarcane fields with wider row spacings up to 1.5 meters. By harvesting in row spacings, the Austoft 4000 becomes a superb option for cane growers who want to harvest mechanically, as well as big plantations where the Austoft 4000 can harvest short rows and/or low productivity soils. This frees the bigger volume harvesters like the Austoft 8010 series in order to harvest to their full daily harvest capacity, representing a significant gain in machine productivity.

  • For greater productivity, the Austoft 4000 has operator comfort, good visibility, and operational ease for the operator. The controls are ergonomically positioned to ensure convenience and functionality for the operator during the long working hours.

  • All over the world, agribusiness professionals can count on Case IH for technological innovations, advanced solutions and professional technical support.