Austoft 9000 Sugarcane Harvester

The highly-anticipated Austoft 9000 Series Cane Harvesters offer more powerful engines, intelligent hydraulic system and a raft of other innovations that allow for greater harvesting capacity at a lower operating cost. The Austoft 9000 Series Cane Harvesters also offer a factory-installed telematic system, which provides tools for fleet monitoring, agronomic management and data management.

420HP (310kW)


Turbo / Aftercooler


1,200 mm


16 Km/h

Austoft 9000 Series

State of the art performance with a powerful legacy

Easier Maintenance

  • Easier access on maintenance components
  • New modular bolted chassis
  • +30,000 hours of field bench testing

Higher Productivity

  • New FPT Cursor 11 engine 420 hp
  • New optimized hydraulic system
  • +5% harvesting capacity

Lower Operation Cost

  • Working with 1600 rpm engine
  • Intelligent piston pumps
  • -10% Fuel consumption
  • +50% Engine life

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The Evolution of the Leader

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    • Higher Productivity

      • New FPT Cursor 11 engine 420 hp
      • New optimized hydraulic system
      • +5% harvesting capacity
    • Easier Maintenance

      • Easier access on maintenance components
      • New modular bolted chassis
      • +30,000 hours of field bench testing
    • Lower Operation Cost

      • Working with 1600 rpm engine
      • Intelligent piston pumps
      • -10% Fuel consumption
      • +50% Engine life
  • Greater cooling capacity and fewer cleaning stops required

    The cooling system includes a radiator cooling package comprised of an engine coolant radiator, intercooler , hydraulic oil radiator, and air conditioning condenser.

    This system is located on the upper part of the harvester, which minimises contact with mineral and vegetable impurities. In addition, the system exerts positive pressure on the engine box, thereby decreasing the entry of impurities. Greater access to the engine is another factor that stands out with this new design.

    Air for radiator ventilation enters through a wide fixed screen, and the fan is hydraulically driven and reversible. To keep the air intake screen clean at all times, the fan is automatically reversed every 20 minutes, expelling all impurities captured in the air intake screen.

    The operator may also reverse the fan through a button in the cab at any time in the event of any irregularities in the engine coolant or hydraulic oil temperatures.

  • The Austoft 9000 Series has a variable hydraulic flow combined with automatic controls that adjust harvesting functions based on operating conditions. It optimizes fuel consumption, prevents “chokings” and automatically acts on two levels.

    LEVEL 1 • Increases rpm of harvest functions based on base cutter and chopper rollers pressures.

    LEVEL 2 • If increasing the rpm of the harvesting functions is not sufficient to reduce base cutter and chopper pressures, the ground speed is automatically reduced.

    When base cutter and chopper roller pressures return to normal levels, ground speed automatically increases to the previous setting on cruise control.

  • The Case IH intelligent engine – works by optimising fuel use. Its main benefits are:

    • A reduction in diesel fuel consumption without operational losses.
    • Less stress on the hydraulic system.
    • Less reliance on the operator to adjust the engine speed.
    • Reduces operator fatigue
    • Customers reported fuel consumption savings of up to 26% compared to machines without Smart Cruise.
  • An advantage of controlling the transmission and electronic steering with the joystick is the high precision obtained by the optional automatic pilot, as communication takes place through modules (“automatic pilot” module and the “transmission and steering” module). All units are Case IH AFS AccuGuide ready, allowing for the optional installation of GPS guidance.

  • View up to 12 windows per screen on the AFS Pro 700 Plus monitor; the user has six programmable screens. 

    • The monitor has an intuitive interface and enables engine and harvest functions monitoring 

    • The AFS Pro 700 alerts the user to faults and irregularities the engine and the other harvester components, making diagnosis is faster and more accurate with: 

      • A new hardware with greater processor capacity 
      • same operational interface as the Pro700. 
      • Auto Guidance system integrated into the display 
  • The 9000 Series has a fully functional, operator-friendly design to facilitate maintenance.

    • The cab and roof are hinged and easy to raise
    • New windshield protector can also be used as a platform to allow access to the cab front
    • The cab is wired for radio, CD/MP3 Player and several USB ports

  • The right-hand side console is ergonomically positioned, has buttons to activate all harvesting functions and enables monitor navigation. Its multi-function lever enables easy activation of the suspension, the crop dividers and the automatic base cutter control (Auto Tracker), among other functions.

  • The 45° crop dividers are even better. A new bolted base shoe reduces the need for welding in the field and increases harvester availability. The rotating toe is smaller, to reduce the possibility of soil disturbance. The side trim knife (standard) prevents the adjacent stool from being ripped out and contributes to better feeding of the basecutter. The side trim knives feature hydraulic adjustment from the cab (optional). Their hydraulic circuits have been changed from series to parallel to ensure greater efficiency, regardless of the power required by the topper.

    The front feed roller has larger fins to provide greater efficiency in guiding and feeding the sugarcane stalks to the basecutter.

    The Auto Tracker, automatic base cut height control (factory-fitted), is the only system on the market that senses basecutter pressure and height to ensure precise, uniform cutting with reduced losses and stool damage.

    The feed roller motors have fewer hoses, to make maintenance easier. The new Extreme Chopper is more powerful, contributing to faster harvesting in plant cane, even in high productivity areas.

    • Side trim knife with (optional) hydraulic height adjustment.
    • Crop dividers with (optional) hydraulic tilt.
    • New floating sidewall design minimises losses when harvesting single rows and improves cane stalk feeding.
    • Optional Open Buttlifter reduces the entry of mineral impurities inside the harvester.
    • Feed rollers:
      • top floating: able to feed high stalk volumes;
      • fewer hoses: easy maintenance.
    • Extreme Chopper – more power and capacity when harvesting in high productivity areas.
  • Sturdiness and Reliability

    The elevator features a reinforced structure and is fitted with the reliable and stronger Back-Hoe slewing system, featured on the Case 580M backhoe loader and the A9000 Series, and renowned worldwide. Its perforated flooring helps clean the billets. Its top extension of 300 mm (standard) reduces compaction, distributes the load better and allows for greater flexibility when positioning the transporter. The same benefits are provided by the top extension of 600 mm, totalling 900 mm (optional).

    The chain tension adjustment system with threaded adjusters provides greater precision and makes it easier to adjust the chains. The head shaft with greater diameter results in a low incidence of billet losses.

    Two-hose piping for oil flow, at the top of the elevator, has a reduced number of connections and low risk of faults. A bin guard (optional) protects against damage from the elevator on the transporter providing a longer service life for the structure. The hydraulically-actuated bin flap allows for better load distribution in the transporter.

  • The 9000 series chassis is composed by modular sections joined by screws forming the main chassis. The main structures of the Harvester are also bolted to the main chassis:

    • Upper and Lower hydraulic tank
    • Primary extractor structure
    • Topper Suppor

  • The hydraulic system features intelligent piston pumps with individual electronic controllers that allow exact adjustment of the flow required for each function, without wasting power. The Closed Circuit of the traction system, in addition to the new pumps, also has an electronic fault system, which acts in an emergency situation, increasing the safety of the operation.

    Another New Closed Circuit is the Chopper System, which allows working at higher pressures and smaller engines, contributing to cost reduction and increased hydraulic efficiency.

    Due to the better efficiency of the pumping set for harvesting functions, there is less heat generation, allowing the system to work with lower temperatures in the hydraulic oil, increasing the useful life of the components and reducing fuel consumption.

    Another major evolution of the New Hydraulic System of the Austoft 9000 Series sugarcane harvesters is the high abrasion resistant hoses, arranged in an optimized routing, reducing the number of failures during the harvest, and contributing to the reduction of downtime and hydraulic oil consumption.

  • The topper is equipped with a new extended mast that allows cutting of the tops in the tallest sugarcane crops. Its 40% more powerful motor increases productivity in high yield areas.

    The exclusive Antivortex system reduces vegetable impurities and cane loss and increases load density. With it, the power demanded by the primary extractor has been reduced by about 30 hp compared to the conventional system.

    A new structure with a rectangular profile has been developed to support the primary extractor, that is, to increase strength and avoid cracking.

    The secondary extractor, with a 360° turning angle, allows the hood to be directed in any position and allows trash to be thrown away from the transport.