AFS AccuGuide

AccuGuide is a fully integrated autoguidance system that allows you to achieve sub-inch level accuracy and maintain accurate row positioning across different types of terrain and field conditions.

Case IH Accuguide-enabled equipment


Repeatable Accuracy to Fit the Way You Farm

Year after year, with AccuGuide you have repeatable guidance, as tight as plus or minus 1 inch (2.5 cm). And, by minimizing skips and overlaps, you can improve your agronomic performance through precise seed placement. Accuguide comes factory equipped on select models or can be retrofitted to your current equipment.

Explore Features

  • Ensured Accuracy and Reliability

    AFS AccuGuide ensures pass-to-pass accuracy and reliability, regardless of the season or operation. Pick from one of the guidance patterns (field, circle, curved, heading, spiral and straight) to reduce overlaps and skips and to begin saving money on input costs and labor.
  • Maximize Turning Accuracy

    AccuTurn Pro is used in conjunction with Headland Management Sequence, HMC2,  functionality can be used on Case IH Optum® series tractors equipped with AccuGuide™ autoguidance.

    AFS AccuTurn can be used on any Optum, Puma®,  Maxxum®, and Vestrum® tractors equipped with AccuGuide™ autoguidance.

  • Better Accuracy for Better Farming

    Case IH AFS accuracy solutions are designed to help you farm better and smarter. From basic accuracy options to pinpoint, sub-inch RTK+ guidance, Case IH offers solutions no matter what crops you grow or where you grow them, repeatable 95% of the time.
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Factory Equipped or Plug and Play