AFS AccuSync

AFS AccuSync® allows you to easily share real-time data between multiple pieces of equipment in the same field for a fully connected operation and increased productivity.

Three Axial-flow combines in field

Connect Your Fleet. In Field.

Work smarter, not harder, by connecting multiple machines in a field. With AFS AccuSync, you can ensure operators are working together efficiently by sharing coverage maps and A/B guidance lines for all seasons of use. With AFS AccuSync, you can:

  • Enable section control based on operation coverage at the field level
  • Gather more accurate data on tillage, planting, seeding, nutrient application, spraying and harvest
  • Ensure parallel passes by all equipment
  • Provide accurate yield maps where less-than-full swath is used
  • Avoid skips and control overlaps
  • Save money on costly inputs – Automatically prevent overseeding in previously planted areas.

Explore Features

  • AFS AccuSync Connectivity

    Integration Monitor Machines Anywhere, Anytime with AFS Connect™ Integration Starting with Model Year 2019 and newer machines, AccuSync is fully compatible with most Case IH equipment utilizing 4G AFS hardware (P&CM) and the AFS Pro 700 display (back to tier 4A) and is compatible with equipment with AFS Pro 1200 displays. Plus, with the power of AFS Connect, you can aggregate, sync, and visualize data from multiple machines and models operating in a single field and use those insights for future planning.

    Display Compatiblity:

    • Pro 1200 to Pro 1200
    • Pro 700 to Pro 700
    • Pro 700 to Pro 1200

    Talk to your local Case IH dealer about acquiring a subscription to AFS AccuSync. An AFS Connect account is needed.

  • AFS Accusync Collaborative field tasks

    • First, make sure you have an AFS AccuSync subscription and all equipment is in the same AFS Connect account
    • Second, when you are in the field, the lead machine creates a new job, selects boundaries and swaths to share and creates your job.
    • Third, open AccuSync within your toolbox (Pro 700) or operations screen (Pro 1200), and find the applicable job and join it.
  • Less Downtime Means More Money in Your Wallet

    AFS AccuSync makes setup a breeze and ensures maximum uptime when you pull into a new field. Easily import and share guidance and map information with other operators while you increase accuracy with real-time data sharing. There’s no longer a need for in-person line-of-sight on vehicles or constant radio chatter. Plus, you’ll save time and money on your high-dollar inputs.