AFS Soil Command

The perfect seedbed is possible with AFS Soil Command™ tillage technology. This technology uses reliable Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) components to help you optimize machine settings during tillage to create the ideal environment for seeds to grow.

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AFS Soil Command

Agronomically Optimize for a High-Efficiency Seedbed

A perfect seedbed primes a field for seed-by-seed planting precision that leads to higher yields. When a tillage regimen and planter work in harmony, a high-efficiency system is created. The suite of Case IH soil management tools and 2000 series Early Riser® planter complement each other — first creating a high-efficiency seedbed and then delivering the ultimate in seed-placement accuracy. And AFS Soil Command provides the tools needed to measure and optimize the agronomic quality of seedbeds, right from the tractor cab.

Explore Features

  • Maximize Environmental, Economic and Agronomic Performance

    With AFS Soil Command tillage prescription technology, you can now match variable tillage treatments to your fields’ specific conditions like never before — from zone-specific residue management and compaction removal to improving soil conservation and minimizing erosion.

    • Site-Specific Tillage: Vary your practices based on changing soil types and field conditions and address soil management challenges to make every inch of the field an optimal environment with minimal erosion and moisture preservation.
    • Simple Operation: The farm manager uses the easy-to-use AFS Connect™ prescription creation tool to create predetermined prescription maps to prompt automatic machine adjustments and gather tillage data and insights.
    • Productive and Efficient: Automatic adjustments are made quickly and efficiently as your tillage tool travels across the field, varying and increasing speed as conditions allow to minimize equipment wear and tear and maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Create an Agronomic Seedbed Floor

    AFS Soil Command seedbed sensing technology is the first to enable you to measure and optimize the agronomic quality of your seedbed right from the tractor cab. This advanced technology delivers real-time feedback from the seedbed. This helps you make yield-enhancing adjustments and eliminate the presence of an uneven seedbed floor that causes planter row unit bounce.
  • Adjust Settings to Optimize Each Tillage Pass

    Adjust settings from the seat of the tractor and ensure machine stability:

    • Precisely coordinate control of the entire tillage tool as conditions change, to unlock more agronomic potential of the seedbed
    • Make agronomically correct adjustments from the seat of the tractor, ensuring the entire machine is properly set
    • Make stabilizer wheel position adjustments from the tractor cab, in addition to fore/aft leveling and Crumbler® downforce adjustments
    • Ensure machine stability and a smooth seedbed by automatically coordinating stabilizer wheel position with any depth adjustment made
  • Use Field Mapping and Two-way Data Transfer to Gain Agronomic Insights

    Optimize settings to the ground you're tilling at each moment, not just to the average of the field. AFS Soil Command mapping technology records as-applied shank depth adjustments at one-second intervals, which can be used for future adjustments in-field for a healthier seedbed and seedbed floor. Seamless two-way data transfer provides producers with real-time field mapping data and makes for wireless information sharing, allowing you to compare recorded data to yield maps to understand the effects tillage has on different areas of the field to make informed agronomic insights and to create a smooth, consistent seedbed.

    Combined with other AFS Soil Command capabilities, seedbed mapping technology bolsters an already powerful suite of agronomic tools used to record data, adjust equipment settings and more.