Axial-Flow 160 Series

The new Axial-Flow® 160 Series combines bring the form and function of the proven Axial-Flow harvest system to one of the most technologically advanced combines on the market. Core enhancements center around AFS Harvest Command, which allows you to take your harvesting to the next level.


382 – 436 HP


6 & 7


from 10,570 to 12,500 l


113 l/s

The most advanced combine in its segment

Leveraging on its predecessor heritage of ease-of-use and grain quality, the new 160 series is built to provide you with more technology, increased capacity, and better comfort. We have shaped a high performance combine in compact design with best-in-class threshing, simplicity and cost of ownership. The Axial-Flow 160 series marks a new milestone in the Axial-Flow history.

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  • The unrivalled single rotor concept provides the less cracked grain volume of the market thanks to the separation done by centrifugal force.

  • We provide the lowest repairing and maintenance costs thanks to the simplest driveline in the market, the longest service interval of its category (600 hours) and a maintenance-free aftertreatment system without EGR.

  • The Axial-Flow 7160 is equipped with the biggest grain tank of its category (12,500 l) and the most powerful engine in the 9 l class (FPT Cursor 9).

  • AFS Harvest Command proactively adjusts and optimize the combine as crop conditions change. This is the only system with sieve pressure control and a patented grain camera working at multi spectrum level.


The real harvest innovation