Round Balers RB344 Series Fixed Chamber

The Case IH RB344 Series comes with a straightforward conception: an economical solution for self-mechanised farmers searching for a reliable baler which is comfortable in all types of crops. Available in two versions, rotor cutter or rotor feeder, they are both equipped with a 2.0 m pick-up for a fast and efficient baling.


2 models with bale dimensions 120x125 cm

Simple design
Efficiently engineered throughout for high density bales even under the most challenging crop conditions.

Reliable and robust
High wear resistance and easy maintenance make RB344 balers sturdy and uncomplicated.

Easy to handle
Simple, intuitive operator terminal make the machine easy to control from the cab.

Explore the Series

  • The new RB344 introduces the Case IH modern style with practical details. The reworked plastic side shielding with robust metal frame and easy-open locking mechanism speeds up daily maintenance and keeps the interior of the machine clean.

  • We have extended the drawbar of the RB344 Series with a longer PTO shaft. This allows better manoeuvrability on the narrow headlands.

  • We have further improved the simplicity of the RB344 Series with the new Deluxe monitor. The baler settings are handled through easy-to-understand menus through the soft touch keypad providing simple and quick identification. Also, you can store up to 20 memory pages for better data management.

  • The 2m wide pick-up offers high performance even in the widest windrows while the long pick-up tine guards ensure a smooth and uninterrupted crop flow to the feeder. The pick-up can be raised and lowered hydraulically from the operator‘s seat for maximum flexibility.

  • Thanks to the unique duckbill design, the wrapping is guided with accuracy onto the bale surface to protect the crop and nutritional facts. The RB344 series is also equipped with an automatic density control system to produce bales with a low-density centre to preserve the crop nutritional parameters for high feed quality.

  • Timing is critical, that’s why we have equipped the RB344 with an endless slat-and-chain elevator which secures bale start under all crop conditions. You will also be able to do more bales per hour thanks to the hydraulic rotor reverser, clearing clogs without leaving your cab in case of rotor blockages.

  • The density level is pre-set on the monitor and is measured via two independent potentiometers, which are mechanically linked to two density control rods to produce bales with a low-density centre. In addition, the heavy-duty floor roller provides a good start to the bale and supports its weight during formation, ensuring excellent bale appearance.

  • Whether twine or net, you’ll be sure to get well-wrapped bales time after time. The proven net wrapping system works reliably under all conditions and saves time: the wrapping process is fully automatic and takes only a few seconds. A maximum of six spools of twine helps ensure a full day’s baling to keep you productive.

  • High wear resistance and easy maintenance make the RB344 balers sturdy and uncomplicated. The drive chains are automatically tensioned and lubricated with the exact amount of oil for a longer service life with minimal wear, increasing reliability and saving money.