Puma 260 CVXDrive

The demands of business require efficient technology to stay productive and profitable. The Puma 260 CVXDrive has been designed to offer you more power, more comfort and more automation while keeping operating costs in check and with more uptime in the field.

191 / 260
(max. power 280 hp)
rear 10,463 kg / front 5,129 kg
up to 170 l/min

The Next Level

Since the first Puma was launched, it has earned a reputation for reliability, power and economy that farmers and contractors all over the world have come to trust. But it takes more than a powerful machine to drive profitability these days. You need a complete vehicle control and a premium cab with built-in luxury – because comfortable operators are productive operators. And, while connectivity and remote management capability help you make better, data-driven decisions, the ability to manage and coordinate your fleet from everywhere takes the Puma 260 CVXDrive to the next level.

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  • Our engineers have taken a fresh look at the overall design, starting with the aggressive bonnet. As well, more convenient features have been added such as the integrated water tank and toolbox so that you can carry the essentials allowing on-the-go adjustments to implements without leaving the field.

  • The innovative FPT NEF 6.7 l engine has an unboosted max. power of 280 hp and with boost, gives 302 hp. To transfer all that power to the ground, the new Puma is equipped with bigger and stronger axles which can accommodate 2.05 m rear tyres for more traction and productivity while respecting ground structure.

  • The new Puma cab, the same as big brother Optum, is larger than before, its quieter than before, whilst also improving the overall comfort. Our Active suspended, heated and vented seat takes care of the body, and with a larger cab comes more glass and better visibility all-round the tractor. The new Case IH steering wheel, key fob for keyless operation, engine starter button and premium sound system will bring you the premium comfort you deserve.

  • Spend less time doing paperwork and more time focusing on your farm decisions. AFS Connect™ telematics allows you to analyse your farm data, to manage your fleet and share data remotely. As well you can get quick remote support by the dealer or farm office when required to ensure year-round efficiency. Then, our AFS guidance solutions maximise the efficiency of the Puma, reduce your operating costs, whilst keeping operator fatigue at bay.

  • Case IH has always been at the forefront of safety in agriculture, because we want our customers to feel safe and focus on farming. Our new advanced vehicle suspension synchronizes the damping of the front axle, cab and rear linkage suspension to improve ride quality and stability with implements. Also, our patented advanced trailer brake system automatically stabilises tractor and implement on hills to ensure jack knife situations do not occur.

  • Uptime is a critical factor to the modern farming business. You’ll appreciate the changes we’ve made to the rear remotes and the layout of the rear linkage area. Hitching and switching between implements is quick and easy thanks to the new design of pressure-release couplers and layout of electrics and ISOBUS.

  • The new Puma has been engineered and shaped in our Sankt Valentin plant in Austria. A guarantee of quality and expertise requested by our customers. Designed with quality in mind, our engineers have improved the layout of the hydraulic routing and electrical harnesses for easier access and reliability.


    Your new Puma comes with full cost control and planning security. SAFEGUARD CONNECT offers a combination of the best Case IH Services in one unique comprehensive package. This set of added-value services is included with your new connected flagship machine*, for long-lasting protection of your investment and maximum farming productivity.

     * ask your dealer for the availability, terms and conditions of Safeguard Connect for your new Case IH machine.

*Model offerings vary depending on the market. Contact Your Dealer!