Austoft 4010 MAXX Sugarcane Harvesters

State of the art performance with a powerful legacy.


176 HP


FPT Industrial


1,100 mm


16 Km/h

New Austoft 4010 MAXX

The new Case IH Austoft 4010 Maxx sugarcane harvester, compliant with Trem Stage IV emission legislation, represents once again the pioneering spirit of Case IH. Working in row spacings starting from 4 feet (120cm), this harvester is narrow enough to harvest one row without compacting the root zone of the adjacent cane row, delivering unbeatable capacity at reduced fuel consumption.

Explore the Features

  • Austoft 4010 Maxx is equipped with a four-blade AntiVortex™ fan. Globally it is the most efficient trash removal technology for harvested cane. Along with a significant reduction in extraneous matter, the AntiVortex™ ensures that minimal power is consumed in the harvesters cleaning system.

    • Excellent cleaning - minimal trash
    • Reduced load – less operating RPM of the fan @1400 / less wear and tear of cleaning system components
    • Fuel saving
    • Less vibration of the extractor hood / more life
    • Improve loading capacity of transport, thus lowering the operating costs
  • Greater cooling capacity & fewer stops for cleaning required. The new cooling system features a radiator package (cooling package) that includes a radiator, hydraulic oil cooler, inter-cooler and air conditioner condenser. The system is located on the upper part of the harvester and reduces contact with mineral as well as organic impurities. Moreover, the system exerts positive air pressure into the engine box, thus reducing the entrance of impurities. Better engine access is another feature of this new design.

  • New NEF series Stage V electronic engine is equipped with second generation Common Rail Injection System, allowing an assurance to achieve top performance in terms of load response, maximum torque & top power with the minimum fuel consumption.

  • Austoft 4010 Maxx with optional Disc-O-Gather Topper is equipped with two additional gathering discs ensuring maximum severing of sugarcane tops, leading to considerable reduction in extraneous matter. The extended guard assists in throwing the tops away from infielder-operator, thereby ensuring operator safety.

  • During the combustion process inside a diesel engine, the chemical energy is transformed into mechanical energy. Due to the chemistry of combustion, several toxic substances are produced, the most harmful being Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM). Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR technology) is designed to permit nitrogen oxide (reducing the possibility of reactions in an oxidizing atmosphere). SCR on filter (SCRoF) is an advanced active emissions control technology system that injects a liquid reductant agent through a special catalyst into the exhaust stream of a diesel engine.

    AdBlue® is a clear mixture of demineralized water and pure urea (32.5%) and is also referred to as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). It is designed to convert the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides from diesel vehicles to non-hazardous gases, in order to comply with more stringent emission standards. The new HI-eSCR2adopts SCR on filter (SCRoF) technology consisting of a ceramic substrate with alternatively closed channels and SCR coating. PM filtration is integrated onto the SCR system, enabling it to comply with both the NOx and PM requirements.

  • The rear fitted camera ensures safety during reversing as it averts accidents. This feature also ensures better harvest quality, by avoiding losses of cane billets during unloading.
    • Clear rear view 
    • Improved operator visibility – less risk of the elevator striking the infielder, overhead wires
    • Improved safety 
    • Reduced losses
  • For better accessibility and serviceability, the service ladder with platform are provided on both sides of machine. Various components of the harvester like cooling system, hydraulic tank, hydraulic filters, and air filter, are now easier to access.