Large Square Balers

New generation large baler balers feature revisions and refinements throughout, to create machines even more productive than their predecessors.

Maximum productivity from day one

Standard feeder large baler series balers now benefit from an upgraded chain and tensioner for enhanced durability, while a new packer slip clutch incorporating an additional friction plate made from thicker material provides improved load transfer and heat dissipation for maximum reliability. There’s also a new stronger packer driveshaft, with 33% larger diameter. From front to rear, every aspect of the large baler series balers was examined by Case IH engineers to analyse areas where there was scope for improvement. Every major component came under scrutiny, from the pick-up, rotor and pre-chamber through to the packer and knotters. But it wasn’t just those primary components that were revised and re-engineered. Improvements on new large baler balers include innovations in headland management and density control, and even developments in simpler but still essential areas, such as tractor couplings and lighting.

Explore Features

  • The perfect bale
    Bale formation improvements on new large baler balers include new reinforced crop holding fingers, a more durable plunger. An advanced multi-sensor miss-tie detection system ensures reliable knotting time after time, while an improved knotter
    cleaning system keeps knotters cleaner than ever.

  • Built for High Density Bales

    The LB436 High Density baler combines advanced engineering and durability to handle more material and deliver extremely dense bales. Innovations include an exclusive 2-speed powershift transmission with automatic start-up, hydraulic suspension for excellent ground following and weight distribution, and a heavier frame to handle high density loads.

  • Every feature on the Case IH large balers is designed to ensure you get crop off the field and into the stack as quickly as possible. With pick-up widths of 2m and 2.2m, depending on model, all are equipped with a roller windguard and large gauge wheels with adjustable flotation springs to handle the widest and heaviest swaths.


    • 2m or 2.2m wide pick up
    • Large gauge wheels with spring flotation
    • Centring augers with stronger flights
    • Hardened pick-up drive shaft
  • Consistent quality bale production is the essential trait in any baler, and it’s at the heart of the LB4 series design. Each component is created to be robust enough to perform bale after bale, field after field, year after year, whatever the crop type or condition. With packer and rotor cutter options, means there is an LB baler to suit every farming and contracting operation.

  • Fully integrated reliability

    With the proven and extremely reliable double knotter system on large balers there is now the option of an on-board Compressor cleaning kit that further enhances that reliability by keeping knotters clear of dust and debris. In the unlikely event a problem should occur, a new advanced multi-sensor miss-tie detection system is factory fitted. A sensor added to the knotter lock system detects the lock position and alerts the operator at PTO speeds of above 600rpm should a problem occur.

  • Advantages:

  • Reduced rotor wear
  • Longer rotor life
  • Longer bale chamber
  • Active bale ejection

  • Advantages:

  • Improved service access
  • Sub 3 m transport width
  • New LED work and service lights
  • Single or tandem axles
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Using the Case IH AFS Pro 700 ISOBUS-compatible terminal, control of LB series big balers is a fingertip operation. Fine tuning of the machine can be done on-the-move from the tractor seat, with a self-diagnostic alarm system keeping you fully informed should any problem occur. A new optional camera monitor kit with a separate 7 inch monitor can be fitted, and allows users to observe camera feeds through this rather than switching between machine operating and camera feed screens on the AFS Pro 700 monitor.

    In transport mode the PTO speed, hours worked, number of bales plus lubrication and additional operational information can be displayed on-screen. With this mode selected the flashing warning beacon works automatically. In work mode, above 600rpm PTO speed the screen changes automatically; the beacon is switched off and the knotter fans and lubrication system are switched on.
  • If you can‘t measure, you can‘t manage. AFS from Case IH enables data to be recorded in real time, and allows immediate analysis and the formulation of action plans. To supply up to date and accurate information to run the baling operation efficiently, Case IH balers equipped with data collection systems supplying detailed and summarised data on the parameters of each bale (moisture, weight and location in field). The information measures the bale count per field, as well as the total yield, making accurate accounting and planning possible. The data can be expressed via a converter program, into a customisable table showing the parameters of the bale down to the minutest detail (“slice” level) or in summarised form, whichever is required by your customer or for your needs. If the tractor baler combination is equipped with an AFS receiver, the bale locations are defined and can be mapped with the relevant Case IH software, showing location of the bales and yields, allowing the bales to be collected by moisture level, weight or any other parameter. Optional File Transfer uses telematics technology to wirelessly transfer complete bale/field/work data from the AFS Pro 700 terminal in the tractor to the AFS Connect portal to be analysed on the farm office computer.


  • Measurement improves management
  • Optional immediate wireless data transfer
  • No risk of data loss
  • Analyse bales down to slice level
  • Identify bales by location
  • Easy to service

    Case IH LB balers are designed to require the minimum of maintenance so that pre-work preparation takes up the minimum amount of time. That means you get out into the field sooner, getting more work done in a day and helping to ensure crop is gathered as quickly as possible before the weather changes. Aside from routine lubrication and servicing, LB balers require little in the way of regular maintenance. Where access to key components is required, easy-opening gas strut-supported panels provide this without effort. A removable twine-box provides easy access to the bale chamber when required. All this results in less time in the yard and more where it matters most – in the field.


  • New, longer safety railing
  • Easy access to daily service stations
  • Centralised lubrication system
  • Automatic greasing system

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