Rethink adaptability, productivity and farming precision with ISOBUS. ISOBUS is the standard protocol that makes it possible for tractors, software and equipment from all major manufacturers to connect, communicate and share key information, using a universal language and single monitor to control all applications.

Transform and Simplify Your Farming

ISOBUS has the power to transform and simplify your farming. ISOBUS contains five products to help you switch between tasks easily and quickly, making your farming operation more efficient. And ISOBUS also declutters your cab, improving overall visibility and safety.

So discover how our ISOBUS compatible products can improve your farming today.

Explore Features

  • Rethink integration with The AFS Pro700, an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) display, featured in most CASE IH tractors, combines, sprayers, balers and planters. It's factory installed and controls, monitors and tracks key functions and information.

    The AFS Pro 700 display enables compatibility with a wide range of equipment and with systems from your outside suppliers, including crop advisers, financial advisers and more.
    Key Features:
    • VRA (Variable Rate Control) included
    • OEM
    • AEF Certified
    • Supports up to 7 channels with Task controller
    • Customisable, intuitive, and easy-to-read
  • Rethink control with the Midi 3.0, an ISOBUS ECU (electric control unit), that makes possible the management of various implements like sprayers, spreaders, air-carts and planters.

    The Midi 3.0 uses an ISOBUS capable display, without the need for additional control units or displays, and it allows for standard rate control functionality through the VT/UT interface.

    Key Features:
    • Simple and accurate user interface for various implements
    • Easily navigate and control multiple products, tallies, and sensor data
    • Isobus compatible
    • Developed locally to suit Australian requirements (dump valve, linear actuator and ground drive support)
  • Rethink precision with RCM, which uses Raven's innovative control algorithms, making it the most precise application controller around.

    RCM works with a variety of applications and eliminates expensive skips and overlaps during all phases of your operation, from spraying to NH3, and from fertilizer application to planting.

    Key Features:
    • Easily navigate and manage multiple products, tallies, and sensor data
    • Rate control up to 4 products with 16 sections, or 5 products with 12 sections
    • Compatible with Raven Run Blockage Monitoring (RBM)
    • Controls multi-tiered booms (dual boom & T3 booms)
    • Familiar user interface with our Wholegoods application products
  • Rethink connectivity with the XCN Display Range. Designed for functionality, our high precision range displays come in three sizes: the 7-inch XCN-750, the 10.1-inch XCN-1050 and the 12.1-inch XCN-2050.

    Our XCN Range is ISOBUS compatible and all displays run the Precision IQ OS, using the same familiar interface.

    Key Features:
    • Universal PIQ user interface across the entire range
    • Customisable interface
    • Multi-touch LCD screen in three sizes
    • Operates up to 255 sections per channel
    • ISOBUS compatible UT/VT
  • Rethink results with the ISOBUS Weather Station- the first ISOBUS weather station in market. It monitors in-field, real-time weather data on most ISOBUS compatible displays. And using a Task Controller, maps each layer of data throughout the field.

    The ISOBUS Weather Station can be used as stand-alone solution or with an ISOBUS compatible implement.

    Key Features:
    • Real time weather data on the go
    • Data and mapping record
    • Set alarms on each weather parameter:
      • Temperature, barometric pressure and air humidity
      • Delta T and Dew Point
      • Apparent wind speed, true wind speed, wind gusts and drift (direction)
      • Fire Danger Index