Maxxum® Series

This is your universal powerhouse: whether on the farm, road or in the field, with its powerful engine from 112-150 HP the Maxxum has been designed to make your life easier. The Maxxum® Series tractors are ideal for livestock producers, row-crop farmers and mixed-farm enterprises who can count on the Maxxum tractors to be ready for the seasons ahead.


16 x 16, ActiveDrive 8 & CVT Drive


112 - 150 HP

FPT Engine

4.5L / 6.7L

Hydraulic Capacity

113L/Min (Tier 3) & 150L/Min (Stage V)

The Ultimate All-Rounder

The Case IH Maxxum series offers you state-of-the-art features to help deliver better productivity and greater profitability. These tractors are designed to handle the multiple tasks of livestock operations, row-crop applications and roadside mowing with enhanced cab visibility plus power, fuel economy, ease of use and solid performance.

Nothing beats Case IH Maxxum tractors for flexibility, manoeuvrability and serviceability. The variety of Maxxum series models makes it easy to choose the tractor that’s best for your needs. The Maxxum Series offer the ideal tractor for the midsize farm, loader applications, haymaking, mowing, mixed farming operations with crops and livestock, and more.

Explore Features

  • Maxxum tractors have joined the ranks of Case IH high horsepower tractors powered by FPT engines with proven technology that provides increased performance and fuel efficiency. Maxxum tractors are designed to handle the multiple tasks of livestock operations, row-crop applications and roadside mowing. In addition to enhanced cab visibility and thoughtfully designed controls and comfort.
  • Operator comfort isn’t about making the workday easy. It’s all about making every day as productive as possible, even when it starts before sunrise or stretches past sunset. The Maxxum operator environment is designed to make the long hours, and the tough tasks, fly by. The Maxxum Series provides unmatched visibility, and industry-leading cab suspension. All in all, the Case IH Maxxum cab provides the comfort and ease of operation needed to maximise in-field performance during long workdays.
  • Fuel efficiency and reliability are hallmarks of the proven, Tier III engine in Case IH Maxxum models. This mechanical 2-valve per cylinder engine includes minimal electronics, for no nonsense control and horsepower without the frills. Easy to maintain and service, this workhorse will prove itself for years in the field.
  • Maxxum transmissions give you the level of automation you need to optimise your productivity - both in the field and on the road. A fully integrated electronically-controlled PTO system on both models makes operating machinery safe and efficient.
  • At Case IH, we use a process called Customer Driven Product Design (CDPD). At its heart, it’s based on the simple idea that nobody knows more about what a piece of equipment should do than the people who use it. Case IH engineers work with producers in the field to build better tools and technologies that deliver meaningful, easy to use performance advantages. That’s where the innovations in these Maxxum tractors come from.
  • Long as they may be, workdays are too short to spend any more time than you have to tending to your equipment. Getting the most out of yourself, and your tractor, means spending your time getting the job done. So Maxxum tractors are designed for the long hours you put in, offering more uptime and higher productivity. Long story short, you get long days, long service intervals, long service life.
  • To be successful in your farming business you need your machines to be powerful, easy to use and capable of performing at their best in the toughest conditions. You need technologies that cut your fuel consumption and operating costs. You need to work fast and efficiently. In short, you need technology that works for you and maximises your efficiency - technology you don’t even notice, such as the CVT transmission, APM Automatic Productivity Management and the Case IH Efficient Power SCR engine technology from FPT Industrial, all featured in the new Maxxum CVT Series.

  • The Maxxum CVT Efficient Power models feature a CVT transmission with DKT Double Clutch Technology to deliver a smooth ride and the best fuel and power efficiency. The APM Automatic Productivity Management works behind the scenes to keep fuel consumption down to a minimum. By coordinating the engine, transmission and PTO with the Multicontroller or the travel pedal you achieve the ideal balance of fuel efficiency and power.
  • Maxxum CVT tractors offer excellent power to weight ratios down to 30 kg/hp for outstanding performance, optimum ground protection and better profitability. Those models give you power and the means to harness it and control it with ease, from the traction management system to a host of features that improve steering, braking and safety on the road, in the field and around the yard.
  • Case IH Maxxum tractors are available loader-ready and designed to operate as a system with the three models available. And to make sure you get the productive loader work out of your Maxxum, there’s a wide range of buckets and tools. That way you can easily select the perfect tool or attachment, no matter what you need to get done.