Farmall® M

Farmall® M ActiveDrive 4 tractors from Case IH offer a unique package in which every single detail has been meticulously designed, with superior features and innovations engineered to meet future needs. With the ActiveDrive 4 transmission, true power comes to life.

Farmall M Series

Design beyond comparison

At the heart of the new Farmall M ActiveDrive 4 tractors is the powerful S8000 engine, standard in all models, making easy work of even the heaviest load. With Tier 3 emission level, 4 cylinders, 3908 cm3 cylinder volume, Turbo-Intercooler and high torque values, the Farmall M ActiveDrive4 is designed to combine power with efficiency.

Explore Features

  • Smooth-shifting, semi-automatic transmission

    Case IH Farmall M tractors feature the ActiveDrive 4 transmission. Simplified operation lets you efficiently handle any task.
  • Ready to do the hard work for you

    Case IH Farmall M ActiveDrive 4 tractors use electro-hydraulic components to ensure utmost efficiency when working with a variety of agricultural attachments. Electronic draft control system, hydraulic lift capacity of 5,200 kg, six hydraulic power outlets, fender mounted hydraulic controls, and a hydraulic top link are just a few of the superior Farmall M features. The standard electronic hitch control system ensures high precision especially during subsoil work by making it easy to control heavy agricultural attachments. Farmall M ActiveDrive 4 lets you adjust the settings in the electro-hydraulic system to meet all your needs, offering superior performance under any condition.
  • Make light of heavy-duty work

    The Farmall M ActiveDrive 4 comes with a wide range of superior equipment, such as an electro-hydraulic power take-off (PTO) clutch, three different PTO speeds (540, 540E and 1000 rpm), and automatic PTO function. It is also possible to monitor the PTO speed on the digital indicator in real time during operation. Automatic PTO (Auto PTO) makes it possible to engage or disengage the PTO at a predetermined hydraulic arm/lever height. This system is combined with automatic 4WD and differential lock ensuring easy row-end manoeuvres.
  • Enjoy the privilege of comfort

    Every single detail of the Case IH Farmall M has been precisely designed to meet your needs. Comfort takes centre stage in the cab design. The Farmall M stands out with its unique features, such as its spacious cab with air conditioning, ergonomic control levers and sunroof. With the air-suspension seat, jolting during heavy working conditions is minimized by adjusting the suspension to suit your personal preference.