Patriot 250

The benchmark in productivity. Sprays with uniformity and presents excellent performance in starts and slopes, thanks to the active suspension.


Patriot 250 Sprayer

Models: 27-, 30-, 32-meter boom sizes

Case IH's Patriot 250 sprayers are the benchmark in productivity. Equipped with the highest application technology, they provide better uniformity. Its Case IH FPT engine, front cabin and centralized product tank provides optimum weight distribution and excellent stability and causes less soil compaction. Designed to work in extreme conditions and on uneven terrain, it features autopilot, automatic section cutting, PWM rate control and AFS Connect technologies.

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  • Protection of your crops is directly related to the effectiveness of your sprayer's pesticide application. The Patriot 250 is factory equipped with the latest application technology, including all AFS (Advanced Farming Systems) differentials, which increases operational efficiency and optimizes the use of applied products.
  • The Patriot 250 helps you avoid wasting phytosanitary products when treating crops because the sensor automatically keeps the boom level at the ideal height set by the operator.

  • The Patriot line has three spray nozzle options that distribute the flow rate and ensure droplet quality to meet all your application needs, from the start to the end of the crop cycle.

  • This optional, high-precision feature, ensures constant pressure and flow, thanks to nozzle-to-nozzle control of application rate and droplet size, thus reducing crop protection product costs with 36 virtual sections and curve compensation.

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